Gale Force Wind

If you ever see this tiny wind whipped tree on your forecast, tie down everything in sight. GALES! Last night I thought our little rental house was going to get pushed down the beach. The wind was so bad it split the leaves on our bird of paradise, and took a passel of the neighbor’s shingles off their house and dumped them in my yard. Then in the midst of the fiercest wind and rain, the little dog had to go out and pee. I carried an umbrella for her highness into the back yard, slogging up to my ankles in standing rain water.

And today I took my first bus ride. The bus service here is SamTrans, not AC Transit and HOLY MOLY! The bus was pristine. Some rider was using his cell phone and 2 old ladies gave him the e-vile eye until he hung up. Can you believe that? Toto, we’re not in Oakland any more.

And we got our paper today – the Pacifica Tribune. They have a Police Beat column. Here’s a snippet: “SEA BOWL was the site of a vehicle break-in that reportedly happened overnight Feb. 3. Someone pried the rear sliding window of a truck and stole some gloves.



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12 responses to “Gale Force Wind

  1. Ha! Someone stole gloves out of car at the Sea Bowl? Yes. You have indeed left Oakland in your rear view.

    • Nada

      OMG! I love your avatar….chocolate cake!

      Yes, I checked the Oakland news for today and apparently AC Transit ran over (and killed) someone in front of the Grand Lakes Theater….probably my 57 bus.

      • Undoubtedly it WAS your bus that ran someone over. How do you do that without noticing? I know the bus is big but still! And on the news this morning the cops wanted to extend a curfew in the Fruitvale district because of all the gang activity. Nice. Good riddance. The biggest criminal element in your new hood are those raccoons and some seagulls. And that’s not just any chocolate cake — that’s my flourless chocolate torte.

      • Nada

        Torte. Cake. It’s chocolate. That’s enough for me. YUM!

        Ran over his head. AND he was from Vallejo.

  2. All right. I really like the name and am glad you decided to use it. Sorry to hear about the crime in the area. I bet the owner of the truck will have cold hands until he or she can pick up another pair of gloves.

    • Nada

      I love the name Pacifica Tsunami, and I actually started working on the blog site with that name when this weather hit. Then, I thought, “I’m just tempting fate here,” so I still have the name reserved but I’m hoping my life to be a little more Vista de Nada.

  3. Connie

    I was wondering how much good did that umbrella do you and “her highness” in the gale force winds? The last time we had tropical winds here it turned my umbrella inside out…so now I figure what’s the point.

    • Nada

      You are right – the umbrella did little or no good. I was trying to keep it from turning inside out because it’s my favorite (and only) umbrella. Thankfully, the Little Dog ignored my struggle and went about her business. She mostly blind and deaf, the poor dear.

  4. AZ

    Oh! Oh! Your “Vista de Nada” blog is beautiful! All fancy smancy lookin’, the photo at the top is looking out the front door into the courtyard isn’t it, very artsy fartsy!

    Well, what can I say about the rampant crime in your new stomping grounds, GLOVES for Pete’s sake, who screws up a $375 truck window to get to a pair of $17 gloves? A kid! No international crime syndicate that’s for sure. You know I never thought about wind, but now that you mentioned it the wind comes off the ocean and blows right up your canyon don’t it, my only words of wisdom is don’t wear skirts, and if you do wear granny panties so that you don’t show the entire neighborhood your personality. 🙂

    As for the poor man who got deaded by the bus, I suspect he had a senior moment at the worst possible time, I’ll be sure to keep my wits about me the next time I step off a curb.

    • Nada

      Thank you. I thought my header turned out right good myself. I’m bragging now.

      The wind has been crazy, but I think I’m safe with my Gramma panties.

  5. Perhaps her highness needs one of these doggie umbrellas 🙂

  6. Nada

    I LOVE THAT!!! And yes, her highness needs one of those!

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