Wind, Rain, Hail

The yard is flooded, and the surf’s up – probably in the yard.

Tomorrow I have to venture into the city, and the reason I’m going there is kind of embarrassing, more so than the last post where I admitted to wearing Gramma panties in the comments, and then justified that statement by saying, “Who doesn’t at this age?” But never mind that cover up (literally). I have to see a dermatologist tomorrow. I have this weird rash that I showed to my general practitioner about a month ago. He took one look at it and said loudly, “Ring worm.”

At which point, I yelled, “That’s gross. Ring worm. Just GROSS.” (I like to leave the impression of maturity with my medical professionals.) So, he wrote a prescription for a fancy cream and said the rash would be gone in a couple of weeks. Well, it wasn’t. In fact it’s spread – down my stomach. I called my GP yesterday, and hence the dermatologist tomorrow. More opportunity for me to yell something like a bumpkin such as, “The barn is on fire.”



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4 responses to “Wind, Rain, Hail

  1. AZ

    Bing search said dermatophytosis is common in wrestlers, you and the Big Guy been hittin’ the mat lately? Hardly seems like an even match you and the Big Guy — does he scream like a little girl when you pin him?

    We have rain in the forecast for Saturday, so save some of that rain for us.

    • Nada

      He does scream like a girl and it’s frightening. HA! I am blaming him for the ring worm.

      You can have the rain. I’m sick of it.

  2. Ring worm is not as bad as it sounds and there are no actual worms(grin). I get them on occasion during the sumer months. Usually near the arm pits. A little salve usually takes care of mine.

    • Nada

      I need your salve because this junk my physician prescribed is spreading ring worm all over my body. Pretty soon I’m gonna be one big ringworm. And it’s embarrassing where the ring worm is camping too. On the hooter. I have to flash the dermatologist to get this fixed. I hope I get some mardi gras beads for this.

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