Snail Hotel

The rains have stopped momentarily, though the sky is gray and brooding, thinking about dumping another load. The best thing about days and days of rain is it’s a good time to weed. Yesterday, that’s what I did while the Big Guy messed with the flat tire on the Buick. The tire had this piece of rusted metal stuck in it, and we learned a valuable lesson. Don’t park the Buick behind the Smart Car. Ever. When the behemoth goes down, we need to Smart Car to ferry parts.

So, I weeded the front cactus gardens, which are beautiful…but cactus. I’ve been picking needles out of my skin ever since. I thought if I changed my clothes that would be enough. Nope. I need some coveralls and I need to shower after cactus weeding. I did discover snail hotel when I pulled up a thick patch of weeds. The snails tried to scatter, if they can do such a thing. I watched them eek up to the cactus points and over. I would have done my usual which was fling them into the street for a car to run over them, but I’d already been stuck like a pin cushion at that point. So, I just watched the sun give ’em hell.



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10 responses to “Snail Hotel

  1. Snail hotel. I like that. Cactus, just like living in Arizona.

  2. Yech. Snails. Flat tires. Blech.

  3. AZ

    Cacti garden a beautiful thing to behold, and a pain in the ass (arms, legs, hands) to maintain. When I said “ass” I meant that literally, SO always backs into our Eve’s Needle at least twice a year.

  4. Pepper Moon

    I don’t mind barrel cacti too much. It’s the prickly pears and jumping cacti that I can’t stand. My personal favorite is Ocotillo. They’re so pretty in bloom–like sticks on fire. As for those snails: I mentioned to someone back in the fall that you don’t see snail shells anymore. When we were kids, they were everywhere. I think it was the very next day, or maybe two days after that, that I saw two together. The first I’d seen in so many years, I can’t even remember how many it must have been. And I haven’t seen another since. Of course, they probably like to stay in their little houses in the winter. I know I do.

    • Nada

      Welcome Pepper Moon! I’m so glad to see you on the new blog.

      I remember growing up and finding the rare snail on the farm and thinking how wonderful they were. BUt here, it’s snail country and they eat holes in everything – even cactus I supposed. I used to toss them in the street for the cars to zoom over them, but here on the cactus – they win.

      Love that about their homes in the winter.

  5. ED

    wow thats kind of mean to the snales

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