SNOW! and Dry Rot

That’s right. They’re predicting snow Friday night. HERE. I guess the surfers better button up those wet suits.

In other news, because there’s always some other news. We now have a new tire on the back of the Buick. This is a photo of the dry rotted temporary tire. The Big Guy didn’t drive the Buick anywhere using the dry rotted temp tire. It just sat on the car for a while like it might be going somewhere, but then we both thought better.

Nabir at the filling station fixed the tire on the Buick, and afterward he told us the serpentine belt was cracked and fixing to blow. I remember now why moving is so bittersweet. It’s fun to go someplace new to live but once you get there you have no idea if the guy who just sold you a new tire for your Buick is lying to you about the serpentine belt. In my worst nightmares, I always dream that belt breaks and whips the 32 valves in the Buick’s engine into a wrecking frenzy. I think Nabir might have tapped into my worst nightmare, but then again he might be telling the truth. No one knows because we don’t know Nabir and we don’t know anyone here to ask about Nabir. So, on Monday we are going to pay Nabir to replace the serpentine belt on a car that is creeping up on 200,000 miles. It almost seems spending $10 on the vehicle may be $10 too much. Well, at least it won’t be the serpentine belt or the left rear tire that causes its demise. It might be the duct tape on the driver’s side seat. There’s so much of that, it looks like it is a duct tape seat. And I’m kind of proud of the Big Guy for that. He did that masterpiece and he’s not even a Southerner.



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11 responses to “SNOW! and Dry Rot

  1. AZ

    Nabir? Shouldn’t a mechanic be named Otis, Pete, or Tony? I don’t think you can call that accident waiting to happen a spare tire, didn’t they recall all those tires years ago?

    • Nada

      “Did they recall them?” she says with alarm. Lord knows, they need to recall this one. IMMEDIATELY.

      • AZ

        The tire in the photo looked like a space-saver spare to me, is it a space-saver? I know some space-saver tires were recalled because some underinflated space-savers came off their rims when driven at high speeds. My sister had a car with a space-saver spare and if my memory serves me correctly there was a warning saying that space-saver was only an emergency tire to be used to get you to the nearest tire shop.

  2. One thing I learned a long time ago. You need good rubber on a ride if you are going to drive it.

    • Nada

      Agreed. Personally, I like Firestone tires, but the Big Guy likes to shop at Big O, where they put some weird off brand tires on his Buick and charge him a fortune. Nabir did put a new Firestone replacement tire on the Buick in place of the one that got a side wall puncture.

  3. Pepper Moon

    Granted, the tire is a hideous tragedy waiting to happen, but that is one sharp driveway you’ve got there. It looks just like the tile in my bathroom. Also, there’s one sure way to know the truth about the serpentine belt: look at it. Just pop the hood open, and right there near the front just behind the fan, usually wound around a generator…there it is. Chances are though, if the Buick has 200,000 miles and that belt has never been changed, it probably does need it. Is Nabir only going to charge $10 to do it? That’s a deal!

    P.S. Keep your snow to yourself, please. We’ve had plenty.

    • Nada

      You’ve had snow!!! Geez.

      I can’t see the serpentine. That Buick is weird. Nabir has to drop the engine to get to it. I don’t think it’s a difficult job. I was just kidding around about the $10. He says he’s going to charge $250, but my bet is then he comes back and says something else is wrong. the Buick has 137,000 miles on it and though I would love to take her up to 200,000 she probably won’t make it because of her paint. She’s rusting out and has been. I’m sure it’s a factory defect but Buick refuses to fix it. Last Buick we’ll ever buy.

      The driveway is quite fancy. Much fancier than our cars or us.

  4. Pepper Moon

    Good lord, take AZ’s advice, Nada! Now that I think of it, I’ve seen first hand what can happen when a tire goes, and it wasn’t pretty. It was an SUV, caught air, and rolled about four times. We’re not ready to be rid of you quite yet.

    • Nada

      We didn’t drive on the temp tire. We just put it on there to get it off the jack. Being newbies in town, we didn’t want to look like trash with our rusting Buick jacked up for 2 days on a jack. Instead, we just have a rusting Buick on a dry rotted temp tire. We drove the Smart Car up to the station to pick up the new tire.

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