No Snow

Someone in the San Francisco Twin Peaks area told the Chronicle they got snow. They may have but from their description it sounded like heavy frost to me. In other words – liar.

We didn’t get any snow, but the wind would cut you in half today. Chilly and sharp as a knife. I went to the beach anyway to see how many surfers there were because on Saturday there’s always a crowd. I counted 2 in the water and 2 in the parking lot. Perhaps it was too cold.

I know one thing I’m ill prepared for this sort of chill, so I went to Ross Dress for Mess looking for some sweatshirts. I found one that claimed to have sherpa interior. It was wooly and the only one and a men’s large. I bought it anyway. The inside looks like gorilla hide and the exterior is big enough to fit 2 of me in it. I don’t care. Fashion? Warmth? Fashion? Warmth? Warmth wins – even with gorilla hair.



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6 responses to “No Snow

  1. Good for you. You don’t want any of that nasty white stuff. It’s snowing here this morning. I got some photos of Ditto or CBS on the rail and in the flower box. I’ll post them later. Yeah, I agree. Warmth wins out every time.

  2. Nada

    I love the photos of them in the flower box. They are so hilarious. It makes me laugh out loud every time I see them. I can just imagine them popping their heads up and down.

  3. Gorilla pelt? Can’t wait to see this new item of fashion!!!! I agree. That “snow” was just heavy frost and folks here are too naive to know the difference.

  4. AZ

    If you can avoid knuckle-walking while wearing your gorilla shit it will be a win win situation :0) ! Our weather is warm and sunny one minute and cloudy and freezing the next, no way to dress appropriately you just have to keep peeling off and putting on a jacket.

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