Oh my!

Normally, the small dog sleeps on top of the mattress in a full sized sleeping bag. She loves that sleeping bag, probably because it’s warm. Yesterday, everything was discombobulated while I was cleaning the sheets and I found cat-dog curled up like this on the bedspread and fuzzy blanket. She looks pathetic, like an orphan doggie.

I also told the new vet that cat-dog was 16 this year because I have no concept of time. Cat-dog’s foster mom, who saved cat-dog from the pound, and gave her to me, reminded me that the little imp was probably 18. I pulled her paperwork. The little dog was 7 1/2 when we got her, and we have had her for 10 1/2 years. The little one is 18. She is an old lady, but nary a wrinkle on her tiny face AND she insisted on 2 walks yesterday.



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8 responses to “Oh my!

  1. Nada

    Or in cat-dog’s case – “Meow-Woof!”

  2. She’s looking g0od for an old lady.

  3. WOW! Two entries! I should be a pest more often! I love the photos too. The beach looks pretty — but not as pretty as the Little Dog. She’s a stunner. I can’t believe she’s 18! Old enough to vote! You should bring her to the polls next time. I trust her to vote about as much as I trust anyone. She’s in amazing shape considering she’s like 7,000 in people years. You got me inspired and made meatballs for lunch. They are mostly bread crumbs and very well browned so I’m expecting them to be delicious. Will keep you posted.

    I want so much to insert the cat with the poetry fingers in here…Why won’t it let me?

    • Nada

      I don’t know why it won’t let you, but I think you would have to make it a gravatar and then it would be too small to read the caption.

      Good luck with the meatballs.

      Little Dog is 7000 years old.

  4. AZ

    As a special treat you should toss a blanket into the dryer and present it to Little Dog all warm and toasty, my aged cats loved cuddling up in a warmed blankie. Little Dog is looking good for her age, if you dye her face she’d pass for a puppy!

    • Nada

      She does like that dryer warm up. I have used it in the past and forgot. Did it for her yesterday. It looked like she was melting, the little dear.

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