Mayor Mary Ann

Yesterday, we took the Buick into the repair shop for its new serpentine belt. While the mechanic was wrestling with that, we walked to the pier.You can fish without a license on the Pacifica pier, and the fishermen (and women) were crabbing, and with a fair amount of success. Mostly, they were using snares on fishing poles with sardines and squid for bait. We walked back from the pier and then toured some of the stores around the repair shop. While we were lally gagging around, we ran into the Mayor – that’s right – the Mayor of Pacifica. I tried to call her Madam Mayor but she said no – just call her Mary Ann. But I think I will call her Mayor Mary Ann. She’s quite friendly and I told her about other mayors I’ve seen – Mayor Dellums (when no one was seeing him, I saw him), and Mayor Newsom aka Hair. I’ve also seen Mayor Quan – a lot. Perhaps too much. But that’s another story.



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4 responses to “Mayor Mary Ann

  1. I wish I could be out on that pier fishing. My brothers and I used to do a lot of fishing on the Berkeley pier when we were lads. Nice to have a friendly mayor.

    • Nada

      I can’t wait to get my rig. I only have fresh water. There’s a good tackle shop there where I can get set up for about $50.

  2. Pepper Moon

    Great pics! I’m so envious that you live that close to the ocean. If I lived there, I’d walk on the beach every day. And I’d drag you with me, whether you wanted to go or not.

    How did things turn out with the serpentine belt?

    • Nada

      The serpentine belt has been replaced and the old Buick has stopped sounding like the car in the original movie Flubber. The Big Guy and I were sad it quite making the weird noise. It as unique.

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