Seal Ya Later

This guy was hanging around the pier the other day. I asked the fishermen (and women) what he was doing. They said he was waiting to steal their catch. What the..? The slick devil’s not so innocent as he appears. I thought he was playing but that was just his ruse.



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9 responses to “Seal Ya Later

  1. That us funny. I hope he or she eats well.

  2. That IS funny. Damn fingers.

  3. I would fish just FOR the seals. They are cute and remind me of the Little Dog.

    • Nada

      They are very cute. I could stand on the pier and just watch them. Shoot, I might just be doing that when I’m supposed to be fishing. though I love to fish, I don’t have much luck.

  4. I casted off the Berkeley pier with a piece of pile worm as bait. It was kind of windy and it held the float and bait up in the air a little longer than normal. Damn if a Seagull didn’t grab it and get hooked. He managed to get the hook out of this mouth before I reeled him in. That’s called dry fishing or fly fishing.

  5. AZ

    First, Tiburcio Vasquez, and now Sealya Stealyafish, will California’s long history of banditos and fish rustlers ever stop!
    What can I say they can’t all be gems :0) !

    • Nada

      THAT made me laugh out loud again. I LOVE THAT NAME – Sealya Stealyafish. That’s what I’m going to call the next seal I see at the pier.

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