BART Escalator

This is the Daly City BART escalator. It’s been broken since before 659 A.D. I get dizzy even looking at this picture. There’s something weirdly magnetic about escalator innards and then when you turn to stare – boom – instant dizziness. I had this really weird relationship with the BART North Berkeley escalator too. It was broken and dismantled before 45 B.C., and the stairs were piled up in disarray on the street level. I don’t know if it was ever fixed because I quite going into North Berkeley. Couldn’t take it any more. Another thing I want to rag on is the noise the BART is making lately going in and out of tunnels and under the bay. That noise simply can’t be within a safe hearing zone. It is deafening, and people are sitting there reading, listening to iPods. How can you? Huh? That screeching sound is horrendous. Please someone contact the hearing police and issue some citations to the BART and after you do that, wind down by staring at the busted escalators all over the place.



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13 responses to “BART Escalator

  1. Escalators do look intimadating when they are being worked on. It has been some years, but I think some of the longest ones we have been on were in London. Seems that they go down forever.

    • Nada

      Where in London? I don’t mean to sound ignorant, but it seems like in this country, the escalators are sort of standard. In my dreams, I dream of these really long escalators.

  2. I’m scared of escalators — especially when they aren’t working. I have an irrational fear that they will suddenly stop while I’m on them and pitch me into oblivion.

    When you have time, check out my latest blogpost:

    Even my vegan lasagna is delicious! When did I become the sort of person who writes about her lunch instead of or in addition to eating it? Don’t answer that.

  3. Pepper Moon

    I’ve never seen an escalator torn apart before. It’s interesting.

    At the place where I work, they can keep a hundred planes in the air, but they can’t keep this one escalator running. :- (

  4. These muffins are so good! They are like muffin candy.

    Stop me before I bake again! It’s not my fault. I keep waiting for you to update your blog…I have to kill time somehow!

  5. Ugh. OK. I give. I’m done shilling and nagging…NOT!!!!!

  6. There’s a poster on my wall in my apartment of one of those endless London escalators. They have them mostly at the main tube (underground subway) stations in Central London. I took a photo, actually, and posted it for you on one of my UK trips.

  7. I will. It says, “Brightest London is Best Reached by Underground.” My brother bought it for me at the London Transit Museum. I’m guessing the long-ass escalators were pretty new when they created the original poster.

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