Look Mama, I’m a sneaker



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8 responses to “Look Mama, I’m a sneaker

  1. AZ

    Many years ago when I had Missy, Sissy, and Bubba I was unaware that cats were not strict carnivores. So I had no fear of cooling a pie on the kitchen counter. Thirty minutes after I had put the pie out to cool, I decided I’d go check it, what I found was Missy and Bubba on the counter walking circles around my pie and eating the crust off as they circled. They didn’t touch the filling, but the pie was really chewed up so it went into the garbage. Cats, they are sneaky.

  2. Nada

    LOL!!! Pie crust eaters. That is a very funny visual.

  3. My cat frequently shocks me with what he will eat — everything from dog biscuits to strawberries and radish tops. The operative idea being to prevent the dog from eating it first. He also loves coffee and tea so you have to be careful not to leave your beverage unattended.

  4. He ate worse than a shoe, if you remember…

  5. Pepper Moon

    Mine eat weird things, too. Many, many years ago, I had a cat sneak a lobster off the counter so fast, I didn’t even have time to blink. But I don’t think anything tops the story of my first mother-in-law’s two Airdales. One Thanksgiving eve, she left the turkey out on the cabinet to thaw, and while she was gone from home, the dogs, who were tall, pulled the turkey off the counter and started eating it. She returned before they got far, and seeing as how it was too late to replace it, she washed it with Tide, cooked it and served it anyway. Nope, not me. I didn’t know her yet at that point.

    btw, that’s a pretty kitty!

    • Nada

      THanks. That’s my cousin’s kitty. She’s a sweetheart.

      LMAO about the cat snatching the lobster and even more so about the Airdales. Washing it in Tide? OMG! Too funny.

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