Pacifica Tsunami

We knew nothing, I mean nothing, about the tsunami warning until my cousin called this morning from Tennessee. She knows more about what is going on in California than I do. Always. Thankfully. Someone has to catch my freefalling arse. She also knows us pretty well, so she prefaced her call with, “This is not a joke. Japan had an earthquake and a possible tsunami is headed your way. You should evacuate.” Don’t need to tell me twice. I don’t even remember springing flatfooted from the bed and landing in the kitchen. We loaded the car with the Little Dog, her food (none for us), the computer, and headed off for the San Bruno MacDonald’s, which was apparently Evacuation Headquarters.
A couple of things about Evacuation Headquarters.
1) We forgot Her Highness’s poop bags. Had to use MacDonald’s sacks. Hope no one is dumpster diving for leftovers there.
2) MacDonald’s now has uber yuumy cinnamon buns and oatmeal. We may be back on a non-emergency.

We sat there a while, and then, the smokers flushed us out of the parking lot. It was getting really crowded with evacuees. We drifted over to Loew’s and sat there until the waves hit Santa Cruz, and then, supposedly the Linda Mar. After that, we headed for the house. When we got home, I walked down to the Linda Mar Beach to snap some photos while Hubby mowed the yard. You never know. We may have a tsunami tonight and a mowed yard looks mighty purty under water.

This was as far as I got at the Linda Mar Beach.

The police woman walked down the driveway where I was standing and told me the ocean was receding. I needed to run. And I did. Maybe she was joking. Maybe she wasn’t. I didn’t hang around to find out. I ran down to the Linda Mar Shopping Center. No, that is not a safe distance but the Pacifica Historical Society is having a rummage sale there today benefitting the little brown church. I bought some old glass telephone insulators for $2 each. Great price. Very cute. We will be evacuating again at 2pm. I have a doctor’s appointment in the city. We will evacuate there with the Little Dog, and if that doctor says anything about the canine, I’m telling the curmudgeon that the Little Dog is a comfort animal, and if not that, a biter.



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21 responses to “Pacifica Tsunami

  1. Pepper Moon

    How exciting! Honestly, I’m half surprised that you weren’t out there ready to surf. Hope all is well. I think it’s about 3 p.m. there now, so please update us and let us know you’re okay. btw, seeing Little Dog and the interior of your car is (I know this is weird) … a treat. It’s a bit of you that we never get to see. You’re real!

    • Nada

      That’s the Smart car. We left the beat up Buick behind, hoping the tsunami would take it away. Didn’t happen though.

      Oh, we are fine. Nothing much happened around here.

  2. That is HILARIOUS! Sorry — but it is. I know I shouldn’t laugh at natural disasters, but I love the Little Dog pooping into Mickey D’s bags and then heading to the doctor. At her age, damn right the world revolves around her.

    • Nada

      Little Dog was too tuckered out to go to the doctor, and it turned out to be a good thing. GPS broke. We got lost. That’s the short story.

  3. AZ

    I bet you thought I was dead. I’m finally getting over my cold aka the disease that sat in my chest and made me cough 24-7. When I cough for hours on end my blood pressure goes sky high and my head throbs like a HUGE HARDO… never mind. I’m better now. Strange how your two suggested blog names came together so well for the impending tsunami. If the tsunami had really hit Pacifica you might have ended up with a real and true vista de nada.

    • Nada

      I was worried. I had read earlier you had the croup. It is nasty stuff. I’m very glad you are feeling better.

      You know I kind of thought about the two blog names myself when we were evacuating. All my friends are psychic? It is very weird.

  4. BigGuy

    as we drove out of town, the police were turning people away from this designated “tsunami evacuation site”…WTF???

    quite the prescient message line of “LIAR”, 4 days before the event

  5. Next time there is a tsunami, I am driving STRAIGHT to that Taco Bell, aka the “Tsunami Evacuation Site” ! Pretty funny that the actual site turned out to be McDonald’s instead.

    • Nada

      And even funnier that MacDonald’s had some yummy food. What’s up with that? MacDonald’s is always keeping up with the times. That’s why they’re solvent in this bad economy.

  6. I was thinking about your post with the sign when I heard about the quake in Japan. Happy that the Tsunami petered out before getting to California. We came home last night. Not a lot of nuts were taken while we were gone. Perhaps the scamps hear about the big wave and didn’t want to take any chances.

  7. Pepper Moon

    Not just one nuke plant, but three or four. Maybe there really is something to 12/21/12. Every time I hear of a nuke disaster, I recall the leak at the Rocky Flats reactor in Golden, Colorado . You know Golden. That’s the place where Coors is brewed with that natural spring water. It’s right across the road from Rocky Flats.

  8. Pepper Moon

    I didn’t realize the sign post, this post, not that one..boy this could get confusing in a hurry…was posted before the quake and tsunami! I would say that’s freaky, but I just finished reading a book called Extraordinary Knowing about how that happens. It won’t happen if we’re trying. We have to not be trying. I do believe you picked up on something in the air. Way to go, girl!

    • Nada

      It is even weirder that Steve suggested the name for my new blog as Pacifica Tsunami. I would say he’s the one who picked up on something. I did post that sign though right before the tsunami and I complained about the BART noise right before the derailment. (Spooky music here)

      • Pepper Moon

        I hear the theme from the Twilight Zone now. Is that our Steve? Steve Glossin?

        p.s. Please don’t say anything about me, or even speak of me from now on, unless it has something to do with winning the Powerball.

  9. Nada

    Yes, our Steve. He’s the one who suggested Pacifica Tsunami as my new blog title.

    My next prediction – Pepper Moon will get a big fat check!

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