What the hell?

Hubby and I decided that rather than relying on my cousin, who lives in Tennessee, to call us with a tsunami warning, we should sign up for the SMS emergency alert system. It seemed logical, and practical…until this morning when they texted me the following.

The Callifornia Weather Service has issued a Tornado Warning for the San Mateo County Coast. Tornado Approaching San Mateo County Coast. Please be alert and seek shelter.

There was no tornado. This is not Tennessee. I am not living in a trailer park. There’s some sort of synchronicity, but I’m failing to catch it.

Then, the mail lady brought me a PG&E bill for $245, and a 3 page letter from my HMO. Part of it reads, “On January 21, 2011, IBM, which handles Health Net’s data center operations, notified Health Net of an information security incident. Specifically, IBM informed us that the company could not locate several hard drives that had been used in Health Net’s corporate servers that IBM was handling on behalf of Health Net. We promptly began an investigation of the incident, which is continuing. Based on our investigation, we have reason to believe that information that pertains to you is included on the disk drives.” My first thought: Wow! Look at that – Health Net threw IBM under the bus. My second thought: This happened January 21, and you are just now contacting me?

I called PG & E first, and though customer service at PG&E is always nice, the woman there insisted I was running my heater, washer/dryer, oven, vacuum cleaner, and hair dryer all day every day in our 1000 square foot home. Then, she asked if she could transfer me to Smart Meter. “No, you cannot.”

I hung up and moved onto Health Net, and for the record I will say Health Net is e-vile, and e-vile on several counts. First, they hold my life in their hands – literally. I have to pre-auth every medical move I make with them, and they can simply say “no” like I said to the woman at PG&E customer service. Secondly, it was their neurosurgeon who made the GIANT mess in my head, and yet, when I try to go do anything about the GIANT mess, they turn the claim over to some third party collections place that says, “We are entitled to the monies from your lawsuit.” WHAT LAWSUIT? If I’m in a lawsuit, I would know, and no, you are NOT entitled to the monies because it was your damn neurosurgeon that made this mess.

But I digress. So, I called HealthNet, and the customer service agent was belligerent. Mr. Belligerent transferred me to someone who was nicer, and had more information. She referred me back to the letter and suggested I place a security freeze on my credit file. And now, I quote from the letter, “There may be fees for placing, lifting or removing a security freeze, which generally ranges from $5 to $20 per action.” So, basically I’m sitting at home minding my own business, and my HMO loses all my personal info 2 MONTHS AGO, and then wants me to pay $60 to stop anyone from using the information they lost.

About that time I get a knock at the front door. It’s UPS with half the groceries I ordered online. The other half have been destroyed en route (probably in his truck), only the driver doesn’t tell me that. I have to call the grocery company to find out.

And this picture? It has nothing to do with this blog entry. I just put it here to show you what the beach was like before the non-existent tornado hit it. And yes, I am one of those people who thinks we should not have nuclear reactors because we are not smart enough to keep them from imploding and spewing radiation everywhere, and this blog entry should be solid proof.



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10 responses to “What the hell?

  1. To be fair, that tornado is all over the place. A friend in Canada found it online and wondered if it would disrupt her flight home. Where is that little bugger? He’s got the Social Media thing down pat, just not the “tornado-ing” part so much.

    Don’t know what to say about Health Net but I bet you’re not the only person who is VERY peeved. Class action suits will be filed…

  2. Nada

    That tornado is apparently everywhere, and yet, nowhere.

    What do you mean class action suits will be filed? Seriously? Hmmm……

  3. Wow, I thought I had problems. Yeah the price of gas has me thinking about putting air in the tires of my bike. The squirrels have hit the road. The wather is above freezing, but not by much. Life is good.

  4. There was actually a funnel cloud off the coast, albeit near SF, not San Mateo County. They even caught it on video.

  5. I mean class action suits, as in the people whose records were lost have a right to sue as a group. They probably already are! Look into it!

  6. Pepper Moon

    Tornadoes in California? How often does that happen? I lived in L.A. for two years and never even saw it rain (although it snowed on my birthday one year). The video wouldn’t run for me, but it looked like a good one.

    My med records were stolen once, in a break-in. As far as I know, nothing ever came of it. No one would want my identity anyway. All they would get are a bunch of bills! As for customer service, they are my #1 Pet Peeve. Customer service is not about helping the customer. I know it’s maddening beyond belief and can make you want to snatch yourself bald, but look on the bright side–you could have had to deal with Comcast.

    And about your groceries…should have used FedEx.

    Picture will have to wait for later. I have to get back to weeding my garden or it will never get done!

    • Nada

      I hear ya on the FedEx, but they don’t offer me the option.

      That is crazy about your medical records being stolen. I feel the same way as you do. Who would want them? Geez. and they have turned into such gibberish lately of medical terms.

      Good luck on the weeding. We had to mow today, as it was the only sunny day for a long stretch.

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