Little Dog

Little Dog barfed and had diarrhea this morning. Then, she fell on the bed like she was dying. And yes, I freaked out, and called the vet. The vet said not to feed her for 24 hours but that’s not going to work with an 18 year old, 11 pound dog. She’ll be dead by morning. So, I cooked some rice and gave her a couple of handfuls of that with chicken broth. She’s better and was angry she didn’t get her regular dinner. She stood in the kitchen, staring at me like, “Did ya forget something? Did ya? Did ya? Did ya now?”

The vet changed all Little Dog’s meds too. I now have a salve to put on the dog’s arse. It takes two of us to do this. The dog may be old but she’s still strong (and has a few teeth left) and doesn’t appreciate two buffoons fiddling with her rear end. The indignity of it all. For her. And us. And anyone reading this blog. Which means you.



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12 responses to “Little Dog

  1. AZ

    Once upon a time, long long ago, the ex and I were on a road trip, and as usual my Little Dog was sitting on her pillow on the console between the driver’s seat and the passenger seat. We’d been on the road for a couple of hours when all of a sudden Little Dog started panting like she just ran The Iditarod pulling a sleigh packed with moose meat. I was in a panic, I told the ex to put the pedal to the metal and get Little Dog to a town with a vet. We found an emergency animal hospital and I ran in with Little Dog thinking she was about to die. The vet examined her, took her temperature, and declared: “She’s fine, she’s just hot.” What? “She’s just a tad warm from sitting in the car.” But… but… the air conditioning was on! She had two vents pointed right at her just the way she likes it. “Yeah, well she’s just warm.” With that Little Dog stopped panting, and I paid up $175.00 for an emergency room visit. Little Dogs they are a quandary.

    Oh, one more thing, close the curtains when you’re messin’ with the dog’s ass, no tellin’ what the neighbors will say if they see you doing odd crap like that šŸ™‚ !

    • Nada

      This is hilarious! You are so like me!!!! I love this tale (tail?)

      Our Little Dog has 2 special pillows all her own too.

      Note taken: Close curtains when doctoring the arse.

  2. As usual, most vets will say anything. You know dog best and what she needs. She wouldn’t have reached the ripe old age of 300 in human years if you didn’t.

    • Nada

      At least, she better this morning, eating her “bland” diet which is chicken, rice and chicken broth. She eats better than I do.

  3. You have to do, what you have to do. AZ your comment cracked me up.

    • Nada

      Cracks me up too. Before the Little Dog dies there will be indignities, although she is a very dignified animal herself. She is Her Highness.

  4. Southernwriter

    It’s a labor of love. She’d do the same for you.

    • Nada

      She might, but somehow I think she’d avoid the whole situation. Sometimes I wonder if we would even be friends if she were human. I think her personality is kind of like Hillary Clinton’s.

  5. Pepper Moon

    AZ, I know exactly what you’re talking about. Both my Great Dane and my cat did the same thing. Except we were in the Mojave Desert with no vet anywhere around. I ended up pouring water over them, and they both loved it. The cat laid spread eagle and went “Aaaahhh.”

    • Nada

      Too cute. What we would do without our animal buddies?

      • AZ

        What set off my panic is that my Little Dog weighed in at about 4-5 pounds, dogs that small rarely pant, if anything they are usually cold. I too had a cat who didn’t mind being hosed down during the summer, people walking by the house would laugh when they saw me with a hose running water over the cat’s back, I guess Arizona summers will make water lovers out of almost anybody.

      • Nada

        That is so funny about the cat. I guess anyone will take a hose down in that Arizona summer.

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