The Bad

I washed and dried a ball point pen today – to be exact my favorite pen that I had tucked in my jeans pocket. The inside of my clothes dryer looks like it’s been tattooed by a blind man, and my workout pants are splattered with blue ink. In that same load of clothes where my work out pants got inked, I also had the damn Target towels that won’t quit shedding after a year. When I pulled the workout pants from the dryer first, I thought, “Fitting end for those damnable towels.” But when I pulled the towels from the dryer, there wasn’t an ink spot on them. God hates me, but loves Target, and doesn’t care how much their linens shed.

So, I tried briefly to remove the ink from inside the dryer with some alcohol pads. Then I ran hubby’s T shirts through a wash and dry. Who cares if he has blue ink all over his T shirts. (Him probably) Didn’t work. The dryer sits out in the garage looking like a pen blew in its drum, and it looks that way because that’s what happened.

And this happened which I actually find more upsetting than forgetting about the pen in my pocket and loading it in the washer and dryer. The wind and rain here have been horrendous. Horrible. Plants bent sideways. Stop lights out. I saw two inside out umbrellas lying dead in the gutter as I pushed against the wind on my way to writing class. For a brief second, I thought the wind was going to bowl me over, but I fought the wind and I won – or so I thought. When I got home I was soaked. I took off my jeans and the wind had ripped my underwear. I swear. Scout’s honor. My favorite pair too. How does that happen. The jeans were in tact but the underwear looked like an angry cat got after them. And my favorite pair too. Stealth rip.

And then shortly thereafter I loaded the soggy jeans with the pen in the pocket in the washing machine, along with my ripped underwear. Bad day here at the ranch. Dryer graffitied and daisy gramma panties shredded mysteriously by subversive weather.



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14 responses to “The Bad

  1. Look at it this way, things can only look up. How’s writing class?

  2. AZ

    Get some Mr. Clean Magic Eraser “Extra Power,” I got mine at Home Depot; or check the grocery store they may have it. Magic Eraser will get the ink out of the dryer if anything will. As for your pants, once they went through the dryer I think the heat has made the ink permanent. Sorry you lost your favorite granny panties, I suppose you’re gonna go commando now 🙂 …

    • Nada

      I had some magic eraser a friend had given me but I didn’t know what it was so I tossed it when I moved out of the old house. I’d throw out my head if it wasn’t attached.

      Commando! LOL!

  3. Pepper Moon

    I saw something in Wal-Mart last week that I had never noticed before –probably because I had never looked for home dryer “dry-cleaning” before. I can’t remember what it was called, but they were small, individual boxes of stain removers for every kind of stain. Ink was one of them. I didn’t buy one then, but now I have reason to need one, so I’ll brave the Big Bad Superstore again. Want me to get you one?

    Also, my dryer has been tattooed before, and though it was a pain in the gramma panties, it wiped right out. Did you try, or just assume it wouldn’t?

    • Nada

      I tried to wipe it out. I used some alcohol pads too. That ink was permanent on the ceramic drum. Durn it.

      Thanks so much for the offer of the “dry cleaning” stain remover but I’m allergic to the chemicals used in dry cleaning. That’s why I look like a hobo, or at least that’s what I tell everyone. I can’t dry clean squat. It give me the hives and I just got over a case of rash now. I don’t want to have to go back to the dermatologist because I’m too dumb to take a pen out of my pocket before I wash my jeans.

      • Pepper Moon

        The stain remover I’m talking about isn’t dry cleaning. I didn’t buy any of the dry cleaning, either because I read the package first. I have some faux suede sofa covers I wanted to clean and couldn’t get the professional dry cleaners to touch them (they wouldn’t clean a canvas purse, either *eyeroll*), and the Dryel doesn’t actually clean anything; it just makes it smell better. I ended up putting them in the washer on gentle with All mighty Free & Clear, and they turned out just fine. I air-dryed them. I went to the Big Bad Superstore this morning after work for kitty treats and completely forgot about the stain remover. :- (

      • Nada

        Thanks for thinking of me, but I washed and dried a load of clothes today and the tattooed dryer doesn’t seem to be shedding any of its ink on my clothes. I’m not fooling with it any more. My dryer got tats without my approval. Sounds like a misbehaving teenager.

  4. AZ

    I haven’t heard anyone rave about Dryel, but I’ve never tried it. Here’s a site that has several reviews.

    • Nada

      Looks cool, but I’m scared of it. I’m down to one laundry detergent that doesn’t give me a rash. Heaven help me if they quit making All Free and Clear. I used to be able to use Cheer then they must have changed the formula.

      • AZ

        I’m tellin’ ya woman we are sisters from a common cavewoman ancestor, I too break out in a rash because of sensitive skin. I can’t do bubble baths because every time I do I break out in a rash, and I can only use Zest bar soap because everything else breaks me out in a rash, I can’t use lip balm because my lips break out in a rash, I had to switch to mineral makeup because my foundation made my face peel like a snake, I think the only reason I don’t break out in a rash with laundry detergent is that we have a whole house water conditioner that does a really good job at rinsing all the detergent out, plus the fact I only use 1/4 the recommended soap for a load of laundry. One summer my girlfriend got after me for not using sun screen, so I bought a big ol’ bottle and when I used it and broke out in a rash. I once bought some rubber gloves and I was allergic to the fuzzy lining and my hands (and every part of my body I touched with my hands) broke out in a rash. I’m like a poster child for skin afflictions.

      • Nada

        OMG! I’m the same way!! Weird. I only use 1/3 of the soap you’re supposed to in the laundry. I never tried Zest. Perhaps I can use it. I’m using Purpose liquid non-soap right now in the shower. We are just alike on this crazy allergen that is in soaps and cosmetics. I have one foundation I can use too. Wild.

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