Naughty BART

In case you’ve forgotten what the broken escalator looks like at the Daly City Bart, here’s another photo. And now an escalator is broken at El Cerrito Plaza. I should ride over and see if the escalator is still broken in the North Berkeley station.

I don’t travel a lot by BART but everywhere I go, the escalators are broken. I don’t mind the stairs but the stairs don’t like me any more and cause seizures. I don’t know why but apparently it’s rather common amongst epileptics, and they frequently die, not from the seizure but from secondary causes like falling up and down the stairs. So, today I was hurrying up the stairs, and blinked out for second, not long, just long enough to misplace my footing and go down. I slapped my laptop to the ground and 1/2 dozen eggs I was carrying. Neither broke amazingly.

A note to BART – FIX THE DAMN ESCALATORS before someone gets killed and that someone is me.

And then, there’s this guy. He works for BART and was filming people in the BART ticket line at Powell Street.

Another note to BART: THAT IS RUDE. STOP IT.

I do not want to be filmed by you while I buy my disabled tickets. I have tried REPEATEDLY to autoload money on my clipper card, and I keep getting “Internal Error, call customer service.” I have called clipper customer service repeatedly. They keep saying, “try again later” even though the error message on my laptop says, “Don’t keep trying this. Call customer service.”

And yet another note to BART: FIX CLIPPER.



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4 responses to “Naughty BART

  1. Maybe, someone at the BART Headquarters will read this. I recall you making a post about the buses in Oakland and getting contacted by someone.

  2. If you had Twitter BART would probably fix it! For some reason, all the companies are scared of Twitter. Why is this ass filming people? Did you ask him? I feel responsible for the fact that all of the escalators are broken at the stations you use to visit me!

  3. Nada

    I don’t know why the ass was filming people. Didn’t ask. I filmed him back. I’ll see how he likes it.

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