I can almost see why people never leave here. I think I might not myself, but then, I think that’s impossible. I’m a nomad at heart. Shiftless. Rootless. Oh well. Who knows? Maybe I’ll move in the senior center next to the community center over on Crespi Drive when the time comes, and I won’t leave here either.



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8 responses to “Pacifica

  1. That is a super photo.

    • Nada

      Thanks. I took it with the camera inside my phone. It’s really pretty here. I feel like I could take one of those shots every day.

  2. Pepper Moon

    Wow! What a place to live next door to. When I lived in L.A., I used to drive over to Malibu. It wasn’t nearly as pretty as this.

    • Nada

      They have nice walking trails here so you can get around the beaches. I can walk from Linda Mar Beach to Rockaway Beach.

  3. AZ

    Is that sunrise or sunset? I’ve never lived near the ocean, I’m afraid it’s dirt, dust, and heat for me till the end.

  4. Nada

    Sunset. I used to live in Arizona and I never saw any prettier sunsets than the ones there. I think it was the dust that made all the purples and oranges.

  5. Connie

    That is a beautiful photo!

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