Crow Hotel

This tree is across the street from where we live. My neighbor, a couple of doors down, told me that crows live in that tree. It’s a virtual crow hotel. And though I could hear them cawing, while he was talking to me, I couldn’t see any of them.

There are crows a plenty in the neighborhood. I don’t look at them when I’m walking around because I don’t want to imprint my face in their memories like I did in Oakland. Crows have a tremendous face recognition. The ones in Oakland followed me around after a while in a very creepy sort of way – not flying like they should, but walking behind me on the sidewalk in big noisy gaggles like a gang waiting for an opportunity to hold me up at knifepoint for some corn or whatever it is they wanted.

So now, I try to keep my face toward the sidewalk when they are flying by in their large black gangs, but it’s hard. I want to know how come they are all over the place and are using that tree as headquarters. I did look up yesterday as one of them approached the tree, cawing the whole way. He landed on a lower branch and then hopped up into the trees innards where I couldn’t see him, as if he snuck in the back door. I could hear several of them cawing then, like “Glad to see back at the lodge, Buddy!”



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8 responses to “Crow Hotel

  1. Pepper Moon

    I showed you the cat and crow video the other day, didn’t I? I think you said you had seen it before. And also recently on TV, there was a crow funeral. I never really liked those birds before because they have a scary connotation, but I think that now I do. They’re very smart.

    • Nada

      I LOVED the cat and crow video. It was amazing, and endearing. I had not seen it before you sent it to me. I watched it several times.

      Crows are very smart, but can be annoying and they are carnivores, unlike most birds.

  2. Pepper Moon

    I forgot to subscribe.

    • Nada

      I don’t know what that means. I’m at a loss about subscribing. Call me Ignant.

      • Pepper Moon

        When we leave a comment, we have the option of subscribing to all follow-up comments. We have to subscribe every time (or we won’t be notified that there are more comments). Then we’re sent an email to confirm that we really did subscribe. Kind of a pain in the patootie, really, but oh, well.

      • Nada

        That is the most ridiculous thing. I would never remember to subscribe each time to follow up comments. That’s stoopid. (And I should know)

  3. We have crows here, but not that many. They are nervous birds and don’t hang around when they see or hear someone.

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