Sea Foam and Cow

I’ve always heard about sea foam, but I thought it was some sort of make believe fantasized ocean scene with the waves billowing high into foam. Nope, sea foam is real and collects on the beach like litter. I snapped this picture yesterday with the Big Guy and the Little Dog, watching the foam tumbleweed all over the beach. I avoided it. It looked like something that needed to be avoided. It didn’t look at all like what I imagined sea foam should. It looked like the sea upchucked.

I snapped this at Ross Dress for Mess. Don’t get me wrong. I love Ross, but not this picture. You’d have to be falling down drunk to purchase this, and then when you sobered up, you’d have to poke your eyes out. AND the eczema faced cow has a grasshopper on his head. What is the meaning of that? Does it have a meaning? Is there some cow/grasshopper story I’m not privy to? Who would paint that without knowing the story? Were they strung out on acid?



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11 responses to “Sea Foam and Cow

  1. Was the cow maybe frolicking in the sea foam? That’s what it looks like to me. What was the artist thinking when he/she painted this picture, I wonder? “I want to create the single most alarming image of a cow I can come up with. That should sell..”

    I’m pretty sure sea foam doesn’t refer to that pollution you are enjoying on your beach. I always thought they meant the foamy looking tips of waves that are just caused by the water being churned up. That crap on the beach is straight up pollution, isn’t it?

    • Nada

      LOL! on the cow remark.

      Don’t think sea foam is pollution, thanks to Gene’s link below. At any rate, very weird stuff to say the least.

  2. Lots of nice sea and beach photos since you moved. I like them. It does look a little like someone’s washer overflowed. As for the cow, it’s an eye catcher, but I’m not sure for what. Perhaps the artist wanted to generate some talk, which he/she did.

    • Nada

      Thanks on the beach shots. I like them too, but then I think how many shots of the same beach can I take? I guess until I’m sick of it, which may be never.

      And Steve, your book is great – if I haven’t told you that before. Unique plot and wonderful characters. I am really enjoying it and the fact it is on Kindle which I never would have gotten except I wanted to read your book. I like all the foreign intrigue too.

  3. Pepper Moon

    I’ve seen sea foam, but not nearly at that volume. It probably is pollution. Could be a combination of victims of the tsunami and radioactive…what do they call it? Heavy water, maybe?

    And that cow. You didn’t mention the weird nose.

    • Nada

      You know Pepper Moon, you might be right about the tsunami residue. I don’t even want to think about the radioactivity. I’m so paranoid about that I raced all over town to all the GNC’s to buy up the kelp tablets for the iodine. Anyway, it looked like stuff I shouldn’t dance in.

      LOL! I forgot to mention the cow nose. I do so love that Ross. They have a back corner with all this wire bodice things. I don’t know what you call them but they are the things women put dresses on that they are making. Anyway, they have a group of them in the corner, waiting for homes, like headless wire women. Some guy (could have only been a guy) was in there shopping at the other end of the store, picked up an 8′ rug and then trudged back to the area with the wire bodice women, swung the rug around and knocked them all down. WHAT A CLATTER! I was in housewares, heard and then watched the last woman fall. Even before I could start laughing, a loss prevention guy darted by me (where’d he come from?) and said into the air, “I’m on it.” I checked on my wire women yesterday. They seemed a little askew but other than that, they are still waiting for homes. I should hang a sign on them – “Adopt us before someone rugs us again.”

  4. Connie

    I, like you, avoid sea foam if possible! It just looks too yucky to step in. Not sure what makes sea foam but I usually notice it when there has been a big storm at sea or when it is extremely windy.
    As for the cow….poor poor cow~

    • Nada

      The storm thing is probably what got us. We’ve had all manner of storms out here. I’m with you, Connie. Sea foam is nasty. I ain’t stepping in it.

  5. I think the cow has been frolicking in the sea foam. According to Wikipedia, at best sea foam is dissolved organic matter. But it can also be worse from spilled oil, contain viruses from sewage overflow, and be an irritant from the break down of algal blooms. Fun stuff 🙂

    • Nada

      Thanks Gene. I read the article. I’m hoping the original was local algae, but now I think maybe some stuff from Japan. Who knows? I’m going to the beach today to check on the foam factor – and it’s a gorgeous day here.

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