I’m a good driver…

“I am, and beautiful too. Oh, it’s not arrogance, if it’s true, is it? I don’t text either when I’m driving, or talk on the phone. The only accident I’ve ever had was I bumped a mailman’s truck, and I ran over a cat’s tail, but I don’t count that one. It was, after all, a cat. I mean really.”



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4 responses to “I’m a good driver…

  1. The way he or she is squinting, I think sunglasses are needed.

  2. Pepper Moon

    What’s the temperature there? It makes me crazy to see dogs left in a car with the windows rolled up.

    • Nada

      The window does look rolled up. It was actually open a couple of inches. The camera on my phone is not all that great. The temp was about 57 – 58, but chilly enough to where I was wearing my winter coat. The wind was blowing. We sat in our car looking at the dog a few minutes, until she sighed and lay down.

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