Sand Machine

Little Dog is a sand machine. She plows through it like she’s a trackscavator, whereas the Big Guy and I are much slower, plodding in the soft sand, like we are walking on the moon. Little Dog also likes to eat the sand, which I don’t approve of, but since when did she care what I approved of. She likes to wait until my back is turned and take a bite of some clump.

Curious note: My spell checker is flagging “trackscavator.” Perhaps that is simply a Southern term, like “y’all,” and does not really exist in the official English language, or the King’s English. I guess Prince William will not be saying “trackscavator” at his nuptials then. Too bad. Useful word.



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10 responses to “Sand Machine

  1. I like the little paw prints next to the shoe prints. Nice!

  2. Aw! She’s such a cute old lady. She’s so dear.

    • Nada

      And ornery. She’s snoring so loudly. I wonder if she weren’t so deaf if she might be a little quieter when she sleeps.

  3. AZ

    It appears that everyone in Australia knows what a trackscavator is! When I did a Bing search for “Trackscavator” at least a half dozen Australian sited popped up with pictures of front loaders sporting tracks instead of wheels. Indeed you are a woman of great knowledge!

  4. Pepper Moon

    Sweet little ol’ lady dog. Her ears are nearly bigger than she is.

    Have you ever been down under?

  5. Nada

    I have never been down under. I have never been anywhere abroad or under, except London in the third grade when my father decided to run off with his secretary. God only knows why Mom would take us to London. I think the next county over would have sufficed.

    • Pepper Moon

      What?!? That’s a story I gotta hear. He came back, right? And your mom let him? How long were you in London? You’ve never told me this!

  6. Nada

    I was in London for 2 weeks. We stayed with some friends of my mother who had kids our age. My mother left my brother behind. I didn’t like the kids or the host family and the food was terrible. No one told me what was going on and when I got home, I ran into mom and dad’s bedroom and his dresser was gone. I asked Mom about the missing furniture and that’s when she told me that he had left and left to marry someone else.

    Yes, Mom did let him come back though I voted against it. He left a couple of more times with other women after that. He was a mess. So, was she. They are both dead now. They graciously got off the planet because it was not big enough for them and me.

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