Cat in a Dryer

Like Snakes on a Train, but Cat in a Dryer. He’s really hard to see because I took the photo with the camera on my phone and I don’t have a flash. He’s not my cat. He’s the indomitable Mittens, who belongs to my friend, bakingnotwriting. And if you take the jump, you will see THE MOST DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE COOKIES in the world, perhaps universe. She saved me a couple of them. I should change my name to Hoover, as in I vacuumed those cookies up without so much as a crumb. I would have licked the tupperware bowl they were in too, but honestly, one has to curb oneself somewhere and licking tupperware like a dog is mannerless, particularly when the cat is watching from the dryer.



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10 responses to “Cat in a Dryer

  1. Yes, you did Hoover up those cookies but who can blame you? They are as good as their press — part fudge brownie, part crunchy delight, if I do say so myself! The cat blinked afterwards like a big flash had gone off in his face. He is fed up with the paparazzi stalking him, apparently.

  2. Hey, don’t turn that thing on. The cookies sound mighty fine. Eat one for me.

  3. AZ

    That’s why so many cats are named Fluffy!

  4. Pepper Moon

    Every time I put clothes in the dryer, I check for cats before I turn it on. Then I close the door, wait 30 seconds, and check again, just in case, because they are so fast.

    A couple weeks ago, I woke up hearing something scratching at the screen on the window beside my bed, and usually, that’s my older cat, Sneezy, waking me to tell me she wants out. Depending on how I tired I am, I either get up and open the door, or I throw a pillow at her to make her quit. The pillow didn’t work that time, and after a bit, she started meowing her little head off. I remember , saying in my sleep, “no kitty, no.” The scratching persisted. Still asleep, I deduced it was the neighbor’s little cat Rocky (I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a sweeter, more adorable cat than that one–who sadly disappeared a few weeks ago). He’s not neutered, and he loved to come over and visit. So I got up and grabbed the back scratcher, moved the drape aside, and tapped the window a few times with it, saying, “No kitty, go home,” all the while still in a deep sleep. And then I laid down again.

    The scratching and meowing continued, and finally it dawned on me! It wasn’t outside, or at the window at all. I had opened the closet door earlier to throw something in the laundry basket, and Twoey had snuck in there just THAT FAST, then was locked in when I closed the door. I don’t know how long I’d been asleep, but she was so happy to be let out.

    • Nada

      I laughed, but honestly, that is scary. That kitty is fast! My goodness. Now, I know why you check the dryer twice. Twoey has perfected stealth mode. I love that name too – Twoey!

      • Pepper Moon

        Her name is actually Two Socks. Insignificant Other (who never wanted me to keep the kittens in the first place) named them all after movies. Twoey came from Dances with Wolves; Lonesome came from Lonesome Dove; Indie (female) is from Indiana Jones; Yoda, (catnapped, never to be seen again) obviously from Star Wars; and Buckwheat (deceased) came from the Little Rascals. Their mother is Pywackett from Book, Bell and Candle. And then “Princess” Sneezy, you’ve known since I got her. She’s my tainted pet food survivor. Catfish was the victim. More than you wanted to know, huh?

      • Nada

        You could never tell me more than I wanted to know about animals. Never. I am obsessed. I love to know everything they are doing, how they came into people’s lives, their day to day activities.

        I love the name Twoey. I didn’t know the name came from Dances with Wolves.

        And yes, I do remember Sneezy survived the poisoning – miraculously. I had forgotten Catfish’s name but I do remember he died from the tainted cat food. So very sad. Though I forgot his name, I did not forget him.

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