Pacifica Tribune

Love this newspaper. Love it. When we first moved here, everyone said you have to get it, so we did on the cheap – $30/year. For that price you get the Pacifica Trib every Wednesday and two San Mateo papers, Friday and Sunday. My favorite is the Pacifica Tribune and in the Tribune, my favorite sections are Police Beat, Letters to the Editor, and What’s Happening in Pacifica.

Follows are my two favorite excerpts from Police Beat this week:
Several stores in the Linda Mar Shopping Center were temporarily evacuated and traffic through the center diverted on Friday, April, 1, after police were called to investigate a suspicious suitcase that had been left unattended on the sidewalk. At about 7:45p.m. that night a caller reported a suitcase had been sitting unattended in the middle of the sidewalk near Quality Cellular Store for about half an hour. When officers arrrived they evacuated several stores as a precaution and kept cars from driving by. The San Mateo County Bomb Squad was contacted and on the way when the owner of the suitcase called a nearby store and asked if he had left his suitcase in the store. The owner returned to claim it and the evacuated portion of the shopping center was reopened.

“A 23-year-old man was taken to the hospital after accidentally falling through a window at Winters Tavern late April 3.



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4 responses to “Pacifica Tribune

  1. That’s a neat little paper.

  2. Nada

    It really is. I enjoy it so much more than the Chron.

  3. Pepper Moon

    I don’t have time to read the paper. There’s a weekly that comes out here, though, that you might like. It’s nothing but mug shots of people who were arrested that week, with captions of the charges. I swear, some of the girls are smiling like they’re posing for their prom pictures or something, I kid you not.

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