California Poppies



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11 responses to “California Poppies

  1. Those look nice. We are still waiting on some flowers here.

    • Nada

      We are still waiting on our apple tree. As you know I have no patience so I took a picture of the budding tree and emailed it to the landlord with a note, “Does this look okay?” He thought it did, but I can hardly wait until we have apples, though supposedly the apples bring raccoons.

  2. Beautiful — and illegal to remove. Seriously. My stepkids used to go nuts over that when they were little. They wanted to know HOW they would arrest you (or find you) after they picked the poppies. They obsessed about it for years. Can’t wait to orient the new baby about the poppy laws as soon as she’s a bit more on the ball.

  3. Pepper Moon

    You’re kidding. Illegal to pick poppies? What are they afraid someone will make opium or something?

    • Nada

      It’s illegal to pick most plants on CA public property, but you can pick poppies on private property with permission of the owner. I’m technically not the owner, but I picked some of the plants anyway that were dying.

  4. AZ

    California Poppies don’t make good cut flowers, they fade quickly once cut. When we did our day trip to Boyce Thompson Arboretum we noticed there were no roadside CA Poppies yet, I guess the nights are still a tad cold in the Arizona mountains. I used to grow them in my yard in Shooter’s World, I liked how the seed pods would “POP” and scatter their seeds.

    • Nada

      Silly me. I thought the school kids were coming by and hassling the flowers. I didn’t know they were “popping” and blowing their own seeds all over the sidewalk. They are quite beautiful and seem to be taking over the cactus bed. I’m probably going to trim them back so the tiny barrel cactus can get some light.

      • AZ

        Birds do their fair share of spreading seeds too. I bet birds pick up seeds in one bed fly to the next area and drop the seeds between the cacti where then can’t retrieve them.

      • Nada

        That has to be what is going on. These poppies are smack dab in the middle of cactus, and we do have a lot of birds here, more so than Oakland. I saw a seagull today flying over the house and he was carrying on as he flew. You very seldom here birds squawking while they fly. He didn’t look like he was the sharpest tool in the shed. It wasn’t a distress cry either. It was like he was singing to himself while he was flying to the senior center. Goofy bird.

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