Not really. This looks all fake and photoshopy, but it’s real, and from my hike today. This photo reminds me of those horrid oil paintings people paint in beginning art classes, and then they give them to you as a present. Or something. It looks too good to be real. Honestly, all of Pacifica looks like this. It’s the damnedest place I’ve ever seen. There’s just no point in leaving here. I might travel for a while in an RV after the Big Guy retires but I imagine we’ll just end up back here.



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12 responses to “Fake

  1. Really nice. The phone camera?

  2. Nada

    Yes, the little camera phone. I like how it kind of blurs stuff, but of course that is it’s lower resolution.

  3. Pepper Moon

    I think it’s pretty damn good for a camera phone! And gorgeous scenery. Aren’t you glad you moved? I’m thrilled for you!

  4. AZ

    A real change from your Oakland posts, where you had to give rabble rousers on public transit the stink eye, but the real question is do you miss the Oakland winos?

    • Nada

      You are the only person who has asked that and oddly enough I do miss the aberrant side of Oakland. I kind of think you knew I would say that somehow. I can’t quite figure it out myself. I do like the peace and quiet here. What broke me was the home invasion. Those neighbors have emailed several times in the last couple of weeks. They did go testify twice against the home invaders.

      • AZ

        There are always aspects of the “old” neighborhood to be missed. There is no such thing as a totally bad neighborhood; I too miss certain aspects of Shooter’s World. My new neighborhood is safer too, but it is absent all the wonderful smells of people cooking with their doors and windows open, people here don’t do garden walks like they did in Shooter’s World, there we so many older Mexican women who loved to grow flowers, I miss the conversations I had with my old neighbors. The big plus in my new neighborhood is all the birds, Bunny Foo Foo, and no more helicopters flying over at night with their search light going searching to the latest perp.

      • Nada

        Funny how I totally forgotten about that damn helicopter with the search light until you mentioned it.

        It’s sad to read about the old neighborhood. It’s like mine. I miss the people, and the funky weird stuff that makes up Oakland. Like you said, “There is no such thing as a totally bad neighborhood.”

  5. Lovely pic.

    There are a lot of things to miss about Oakland, but the crime is not one of them.

    • Nada

      And I wish more than anything that was different. The Big Guy and I only had 5 years left to pay on our home in Oakland. We were planning to retire there, and I knew when we left I would never find neighbors I loved as much as those in Oakland. I miss them. I guess that’s why the home invasion across the street hit so hard.

  6. hoffmand

    Now you know why we loved the Pacific Northwest so much as to stay there for ten years, despite the lousy job 🙂 Glad you’ve found your heaven.

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