Fiedler and his Friend

Fiedler is the name I’ve given to the Little Dog’s hummingbird friend. He zips into the yard and sits atop the apple tree if Dinky is in the yard by herself. He won’t come in the yard if I’m standing in the grass with her, but when I stand at the doorway, and watch, Fiedler appears. I wish I could get a picture of him, but he’s so tiny my camera phone doesn’t even pick him up. I can see him turning his head as he’s watching the Little Dog wander the yard. Little Dog’s little friend. The Tiny World of the Tiny Dog, who’s kind of sleepy this morning.



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8 responses to “Fiedler and his Friend

  1. You should borrow the big guy’s camera?

    • Nada

      I should. I have a camera and I should just use mine. I can never remember to carry the camera with me, and I won’t leave the Little Dog unattended in the back yard after that raccoon popped his big head up at the top of the fence.

  2. AZ

    The poker guys complain when they come in from smoking on the patio, my hummers will dive bomb them because the hummers consider the patio their territory, and they really don’t care how big you are you are always bomb worthy in the eyes of the hummers.

  3. Isn’t she too cute with her bat ears? No wonder Fiedler has fallen for her.

    • Nada

      She is darling. Bat ears up and operational. I saw Fiedler again today but by the time I found my camera, the little dog was inside and the bird was gone.

  4. Pepper Moon

    Sweet picture of your dog. Your phone takes the best pics of any camera phone I’ve seen. I mean camera phones are notoriously sucky, right, but your pics are always good. Just as a side thought, I have a Facebook frenemy who takes pictures of old pictures with her camera phone and they are so blurry, no one but her knows what the hell they are pictures of. She posts dozens of them and it’s like looking at pictures of ghosts: “I think there’s something there. Can you see it?”

    • Nada

      Okay now I laughed so hard I snorted. I love this “Can you see it?” About the only reason I got this phone was for the camera. It is better than the average one. Now, that the phone is breaking, I can’t find another one that has a good a camera. I’m stuck with a half functional phone, but I’ll take it because the camera is half decent.

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