El Cerrito Plaza Bart. Not only is the escalator apart but they’ve corralled the steps, like bad shetland ponies.

“They were running away, Sir, but we got ’em in the corral.”
“All of them?”
“Yes sir. Every last one of those wayward animals.”

No telling how long they’ll be pent up like that. As of last week, Daly City BART escalator was still torn up and in pieces. Their sign was still saying repairs will most likely be finished in March. It’s already April, guys. Fix the sign, or change the year to 2012. To their credit, workmen were working on it, but I overheard one of them say to another one, “Does the roller come first, or the bar.” Oh Lordie Bajordie.



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8 responses to “Really?

  1. An escalator at BART not working? Shocking. Truly shocking.


    • Nada

      I guess I am shocked the repairs run on for so long. Or maybe the better word is distressed cause the stairs activate my seizures – horizontal like movement or something.

  2. I wish I was getting paid as much as they are to not know what end is up.

  3. It wouldn’t be so bad if the elevators were EVER working at BART.

    • Nada

      Now that is the absolute truth. Maybe that is what has pushed me to bitch on the blog. Sick of it. My stoopid Clipper card still won’t autoload.

  4. Pepper Moon

    I love this ongoing saga of the escalator.

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