We had an earthquake this afternoon (3.4). The epicenter was 2 miles from Pacifica. I was sitting on the front porch with the Little Dog when the house skipped to my Lou a couple of times. The second skip may have been more like a curtsy. Then, there was the characteristic boom I’ve become so familiar with after the quake.

Now, here’s the dumb part (and you knew it was coming). I ran back inside the house. Yeah. Instead of staying outside, where you’re supposed to be when a quake hits, I ran back inside the house just in time for the electricity to go out. It stayed out a couple of hours, and then came back on. Now, it’s out again. It went out around 1:30am. I’ve dialed PG & E in the dark, pushed some buttons, and hope I’ve reported the outage.

This is weird too. When I look at the USGS earthquake map it looks like there was the 3.4 quake, a 2.4 quake, a 2.2 quake – all with an epicenter 2 miles from Pacifica. I can’t figure it out. I’m too tired.

Note to self: When the electricity comes back on tomorrow, figure out how to turn the beeper off my battery backup. (Sounds like a freaking alarm clock in here)



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8 responses to “Earthquake

  1. I read about it on SF Gate. Lots of acti0n your neck of the woods.

  2. Aren’t you supposed to go inside in the event of an earthquake? Better inside than out…Most of the time!

  3. Connie

    I do not know how you can stand the earthquakes! I would be scared to death. You take care out there!!

    • Nada

      I was scared of them at first, but after so many, I got desensitized. Now, I quickly go to the USGS site to report in on what I felt. I wonder what they do with all those “what I felt” reports.

  4. Pepper Moon

    There’s just something about you that attracts geological events, isn’t there?

    I hadn’t lived in L.A. very long when I experienced my first quake. I was living in the van with my Great Dane and it was pretty early in the morning because it woke me. I thought someone was standing on the bumper, rocking up and down. I sat up and looked around, expecting to see someone, but there was no one. Car alarms were going off all over the neighborhood, and then it occurred to me: Oh. That was an earthquake. Huh. I got used to them, but one of the most interesting that I remember was also early in the morning, must have been around dawn. I thought it was thunder in the distance, but it didn’t stop and rolled right toward us, and we “rode the wave” then went back to sleep. What about brown outs? Experienced one of those yet? They’re so eerie. They give me the creeps.

    • Nada

      She-it. That is some crazy stuff – riding the earthquake wave. I’ve heard of people doing that but I hope I don’t ever. I have not experienced a brown out either. Knock on wood… or my head.

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