Cat in a Bath

More in the “Cat in a…” series. Mittens, who is not my cat, but I wish he were, is in a bathtub. He stays in there some during the day and when you go into the bathroom to use the loo, he springs out. He will have his revenge against the human race. Either that, or he will dominate the dog. Either/or – doesn’t matter to him.



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9 responses to “Cat in a Bath

  1. AZ

    I’ve heard of “A Cat in a Hat,” but not a Cat on Bath Mat.
    Speaking of cats dominating dogs, my late Sissy was out of her yard one day, and she ran into a Doberman who happened to be out of his yard too. Anyway the Doberman decided a cat chase was on his agenda, and he proceeded to chase Sissy down the street towards my house. It was amazing to see Sissy out running an animal with legs four times longer than hers. Any way I was standing on my porch ready to do battle with the Doberman when Sissy skidded onto the driveway doing 40 M.P.H., when she was in her own territory she immediately stopped and laid down on her side. The Doberman still in hot pursuit hit his brakes and slid onto my driveway coming to a complete stop about two feet away from Sissy. She looked at him as to say “I touched home base, I’m safe.” Doberman must have understood because he immediately turned around and left. End of chase, nobody got hurt and Sissy was proud as all get out that she outsmarted a Doberman.

  2. Nada

    Hilarious! I don’t think Sissy was very much scared of that Doberman. They both understood the rules of engagement too.

    • AZ

      You’re right Sissy feared no dog, not even the cat killer across the way. Every couple of weeks my neighbor would come over and say: “Do you own a black and white cat? I found one dead in my backyard.” The cat killer was a collie, and she had accumulated quite a few kills. Well, Sissy decided that the best food in the whole wide world was in Cat Killer’s bowl, and she went over regularly to steal some. Not that Sissy was hungry, she had all the premium food she could eat at home, but there was something about stolen food, especially Cat Killer’s food. Sissy stole that dog’s food for years, and one day the neighbor came over to tell us Cat Killer died, she was old, but I don’t remember her age. After that Sissy didn’t go over because it wasn’t the food she wanted, she just wanted to aggravate Cat Killer. No more Cat Killer meant no more fun.

      • Nada

        So funny. Sissy loved the thrill of outsmarting Cat Killer. She was Queen of the neighborhood and wasn’t taking any crap off a Collie.

  3. Pepper Moon

    Nada, does the kitty in the picture spin in the tub? Mine do; up the sides, around and around. I’ve seen cats do it on YouTube, too. Makes me wonder WHY? What’s it do for them?

    • Nada

      I have not seen this cat spin, but I’m not usually there when he’s in the tub either. I would love to see one spin. Drop a URL here if you know a YouTube. I love animal videos.

  4. Pepper Moon

    Neither of these cats do, but mine also spin up the side of the tub, and the slant at the back, like a skateboarder on a half pipe.

    • Nada

      I laughed my butt off at these videos. I have never seen cats do this. When cats lived with me, they wouldn’t go near a tub.

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