The Sentinel

I see London. I see France. From where I stand, I see everyone’s underpants.
So sayth the Little Dog.



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12 responses to “The Sentinel

  1. AZ

    That made me laugh out loud. I used to lay on the floor so I could get a visual on my Little Dog’s world, and you’re right their world is a lot of bottoms.

    • Nada

      OMG!!! I do the same thing. And I pick her up so she can get a visual of my world.

      • AZ

        One of my Little Dog’s favorite places to hang out was on her pillow on the kitchen counter, I think all the smells, so many handouts, and treats come from the kitchen counter and little dogs never really get to see the “magic” work area at work. When I put her on her pillow she’d never stray or walk on the counter she’d just stay on her pillow and watched me cook and/or clean. Little dogs they are easily amused.

      • Nada

        LOL! Little dogs are easily amused. The Little Dog has little pillows like your little dog, though Dinky would never be still on top of a counter. She is too much of a mooch.

      • Pepper Moon

        My Great Dane used to lay his head on the counter.

        I have one kitty who still gets on the counter (she’s sniffing around for cheese). I’ll ask her, “Are you supposed to be on the counter?” Then she’ll jump up on top of the refrigerator and watch from there.

      • Nada

        They are so smart, and funny. thank God for our furry friends.

  2. For the Little Dog’s sake, let’s hope her eye sight is failing!

    • Nada

      It is. That is one thankful aspect of poor vision – she doesn’t really see the full moons a’ rising wondering around in “her” abode.

  3. That was nice. Taking an extended break with the lads. All is well and I’ll be back.

    • Nada

      Have a good time wherever you wander, Steve. I don’t know if “nice” is an adjective I would place on this post though.

  4. Pepper Moon

    Extended break with the lads, Steve? Man, that sounds like fun! Just to go off with your friends for a couple weeks or a month. Lord, please let me win the lottery.

    btw, Little Dog, you’re a cute little yipper.

    • Nada

      Thank you. I think she’s very cute, but mostly in her own way. No one stops her on the street and admires her. She is very stoic and demanding.

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