Dream Machines Sunday May 1, 2011

Dream Machines” will be at the Half Moon Bay airport this Sunday, May 1, 2011. First off, the Half Moon Bay airport, actually looks like (to me) it’s in La Granada. Secondly, there’s no tower. None. The little airstrip looks like a throw back to the the 60’s. There’s always the same little plane tied down to the right of the 3-Zero Cafe like it’s waiting, waiting, waiting for action. Thirdly, all the Half Moon bay cop cars are parking behind one of the hangers. They may be the out-of-use ones, but I mention all this so you get a picture of the scene set for the “Dream Machines.”

What are the Dream Machines? As far as I can tell, it is everything mechanical that flies, drives, or crawls around on this planet that is outrageous, weird, and wonderful. A flying wing will be there. C-130. World’s largest monster cycle. And unicycle drag racing. Huh? Yeah. The unicycles with be dragging and preaching their Ten Commandments of the American National Unimotorcyclists Society. I’m particularly fond of #7 – THOU SHALT employ a “Deadman’s Switch” which shall render the beast inoperable in the event the pilot is launched. Fun!



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6 responses to “Dream Machines Sunday May 1, 2011

  1. AZ

    Is the Big Guy a motor head? SO is, he’d get a kick out of seeing stuff like that. I, on the other hand, don’t like crowds, the smell of grease, and sweating, so I’d send SO off with a buddy and I’d stay home and organize or clean something.

    • Nada

      I’m afraid it’s me who wants to go. I want to see the flying wing, and I have a bit of obsession with the C-130s. So I hope I get to go inside that plane. Also, unicycles! Crowds used to bother me a whole lot more, but the Muni buses have cured me somewhat. Sardine cans on wheels.

  2. Sounds interesting. We get C-130s at our small Army Airfield here. Usually they are carring airborn troops that do a drop into the training area.

  3. Pepper Moon

    I’m in planes every night. Not flying wings, though. That’s probably the source of the UFO sightings. All that was left for this show to have was a Lawnchair Drill Team. This video has several key features that made me laugh. I think they’re the team from Colorado that I’ve seen in many a parade.

    • Nada

      OMG!!!! LOL!!! I have never seen the Precision Lawn Chair Demo Team. Made me laugh out loud. Seriously funny stuff with those lawn chairs. I really like the woman who scratched her bum right before the demo went off. ha ha…

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