The Babies

The hiatus is still rumbling along in slo mo. I’m not getting done what I had intended to do. Why does that always work that way? Here is my logic: I’m going to stop writing on my blog, so I can accumulate my short stories into a book. Here is what happens: Go to Ross every day and look at their junk like it’s art in a museum. Buy nothing. Just look, and then, decide my jeans make me look fat. Convince the Big Guy I need to go to Nordstroms rack for an emergency 9-1-1 jeans purchase.

After that, I spy on the neighbors. What for? Can’t answer that because it’s a covert operation. Translation: I have no idea. Laugh my butt off when a raccoon goes through his open door at 2am and tangles with his 6 purebred Dachshunds.



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4 responses to “The Babies

  1. The book of short stories sounds like a winner. How are you going to publish? Kindle? I would love to see a shot of the raccoon.

  2. Nada

    I don’t know what I am doing. All I know is I need to get them collected and backed up somewhere because supposedly this area floods. After all these years and short stories, I would hate to lose them. I wish I had gotten a movie of that one too.

  3. Nada, I suggest you burn any documents you want to save on a CD or DVD. I do that on the chance my computer goes out. If you have an online email, like Yahoo. You can send them to yourself and put them in a folder there. That’s another way to back up. Just saying.

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