Saturday – Broken Down

The Weather Bug says today’s forecast is: “Rain in the morning…then, showers likely in the afternoon.” What’s the difference, Weather Bug, between rain and showers?

Bakingnotwriting is laid up in bed, so there is no baking or writing. She might have to change her blog name temporarily to “Not Baking Not Writing.” She broke her foot a while back, and it didn’t heal or is it heel? She had surgery this week, replete with screw insertion and bone grafts. Makes me queasy to even type that. She’s a tough bird, though, tougher than me. I’ve never seen anyone do so well on Vicodan. She sounds totally undrugged. Vicodan becomes her<—Southern vernacular for she looks good on the Vike. She can't walk, and is way laid at her mother's house. Her mother has become her primary service monkey, and I am her retarded service monkey. I'm faster, but have no memory or where-with-all, and I don't show up much.

Bakingnotwriting’s dog will be here next week for a short tour de force, while she’s recovering. He is a small but very muscular dog, and recently we have discovered he’s the reincarnation of James Cagney. Needless to say, we are thrilled.



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6 responses to “Saturday – Broken Down

  1. He’s a Yankee Doodle Doggy?

  2. June Bug

    Your pithy humorous comments blow me away. James Cagney, indeed! But is the dog insulted?
    And “Vicodan becomes her” — Flannery O’C must be turning green in her grave.

  3. Enjoyed it and enjoyed the first two stories on your website. Good stuff and good on you.

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