Park Avenue’s Visa Points

The Park Avenue’s driver side window is stuck up. That may be the final indignity for that car. We are sort of looking for a new car and sort of really not because a new car translates into dealing with a car salesman. I called a guy today about his used Honda Passport, but he was way too proud of the 53,675 miles he had on the car. What I really want is a solar hovercraft, but I’m decades too early for that sort of daily transportation.

I got a notice from my Visa company yesterday that I had a lot of points accumulated. I never really check points because Visa points are not legal tender. I checked yeterday, though, because Visa wanted me to and I respect the Visa. 11,000 points. Wooo Hooo!! That is woo hoo until I saw that 11,000 Visa points translates into a 5 pack of toothbrushes. A Visa point is like a peso, only worse. I imagine I could use my 11,000 Visa points to repurchase our Park Avenue. It has the same value as a 5 pack of toothbrushes.



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4 responses to “Park Avenue’s Visa Points

  1. Better a window stuck up than stuck down. Our little Fiat Puto had the driver’s window down a couple of winters ago and the garage had to order parts for it. No fun driving around Germany in winter with plastic taped over the open window. Well, kind of funny, except when it rained and snowed.

    • Nada

      I cannot even begin to imagine the cold blowing around that plastic taped over your window. Brrrrr. Mysteriously the Park Avenue’s window worked yesterday. We had to cross the bridge and it worked like a champ at the toll booth. No clue why it works sometimes and other times not.

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