Hedgehog Hair

This is what my hair looks like, and though it looks cute on a hedgehog, it’s not so attractive on top of my head because, well, it looks like a hedgehog, which is almost as bad as some of those hats those hennikens wore to Prince William’s wedding.

Though I have cut my own hair for a number of years, it’s more difficult to cut here in Pacifica because of the arrangement of the bathroom mirrors. I can’t quite get a good view of the sides or the back of my head. But no matter. I decided when I first moved here, that it was no big deal. There are 3 hair salons within walking distance and I would just go there.

The first and closest salon is one of those chain salons, which I am and have been highly suspicious of because of the absence of customers in this establishment. I sent the Big Guy for test clip, and he came back in short order looking like the village idiot. It has taken weeks for his hair to grow out. The so-called barber cut his sideburns parallel to the top of his ears. He looks like his name should be Beauregard.

The next salon is in the same shopping center as the chain. I stopped in and asked the hair cutter what she charged for a cut. $40. That alone should have stopped me. Last Friday, I dropped back in when I had $40 and asked her if she had time for a cut. “NO!! Check back next week.”

So, rather than go to back to Ms. No, I went to the salon up around the corner yesterday. I opened the door and the conversation went like this.
Me: Do…?
Hairdresser: NO!!! I’m booked today and tomorrow.
The hairdresser was standing behind her booking desk, and there was some other skinny chick with a bad frost job dancing around the salon in a 80’s disco pattern.

I am now suspicious it is the hedgehog hair no one wants to tangle with. I think these people think it is ethnic hair, and it may very well be for all I Know. Here are the products I have used today alone trying to de-hedgehog my head: Alberto VO5 Conditioning Hairdressing for Gray, White, Silver, Blonde Hair, Sebastian Craft Clay, Nak done-n-dusted, Nak surf styler. I ordered the last two products ordered off the internet from Australia because they are not sold in the U.S.

And the upshot to all this was I cut my hair this morning. Myself.



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6 responses to “Hedgehog Hair

  1. Each time I go to get a cut, there is less to cut. The day will arrive when I might have to do it myself. Why pay for a full head of hair to cut when there isn’t a full head of hair. Should be a less hair discount.

  2. You know who loves stuffed hedgehogs?

  3. AZ

    Significant Other is always seeking out a new and better barber, sometimes SO comes home and I look at his new haircut, and I ask “who was the barber pissed off at, and why did he take it out on your hair?” His favorite barber died a year or so ago, so the search continues…

    • Nada

      Dang. The barber died? That is a show stopper, and how do you replace one that you have stuck with long enough that they have died?

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