Redneck Condiment

No, I did not take home the bacon – flavored whiskey mustard. I left it at Ross for another redneck. And though I have said many times I am a recovering redneck, I suppose it is actually true since I was able to bypass this purchase and with very little effort. A true redneck would have purchased every bottle, wrapped them as Christmas presents, and sent them to all their relatives living in the gray states. Bacon. Whiskey. Mustard. Merry Christmas. Jesus died for your sins so you could have bacon flavored whiskey mustard. Oh. Wrong holiday. Jesus was born in a manager so you could have bacon flavored whiskey mustard on his birthday.



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6 responses to “Redneck Condiment

  1. Jack Daniels has also gotten in on the trend. I’ve tried the JD BBQ sauce, but nothing to write home about.

    • Nada

      Jack Daniels should never put their name on anything but their whiskey. They make the finest around. Jack Black.

  2. Yum! Bacon flavored whiskey mustard!

  3. AZ

    I have to say I’m a believer in “Bacon Makes Everything Better,” but mustard — not so much. As for liquor being an ingredient for condiments I don’t see why not, considering alcohol is the main component/ingredient for outdoor gatherings anyhoo.

    • Nada

      Too funny. I can kind of see the liquor mustard too, but not the bacon liquor mustard either. I can’t imagine this on a hotdog either.

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