Jellyfish Baby

I saw this on the beach yesterday. I’m assuming it’s some sort of jellyfish baby, though I have never seen one like this. Every once in a while the beach is sprinkled with jellyfish, but not like this. They look like actual splats of clear jelly. This little guy was the lone one yesterday. He appeared iridescent in the setting sun. I left him where I found him, and I included my hoof and the dog footprint in the photo so you could see his relative size.



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2 responses to “Jellyfish Baby

  1. Cute little thing. They can sure give a sting when they molt or hatch or whatever you call it.

    • Nada

      I went to the beach again yesterday, and now, I’m not convinced it’s a jellyfish at all. It looks like a kelp pod only I’ve never seen any clear ones like that. Still no clue on what it really is. There were several larger jellyfish in the beach, spatted around.

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