Porcupine Must Die



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15 responses to “Porcupine Must Die

  1. Hey! Obviously, I think that’s the best video ever! It offered me a Portguese Podengo dog whistle recall video after and now I’m thinking I should whistle train the Podengo. It might help when he’s too far off to hear me, for emergencies. Wonder how you do it?

    • Nada

      The whistle is worthless. I bought one off the internet and then, thinking that was malfunctioning I went to the pet store here and bought one. They are supposed to be silent but everyone in the store could hear the thing and it had no effect on any of the dogs there. Perhaps there is training involved…translation: too much work.

  2. Now that is a funny one. Is it a favorite play thing?

    • Nada

      The stuffed porcupine was his favorite plaything for a few minutes while he was visiting here, but then I paid $2.99 for a bright green stuffed bear from Ross. That, quickly became his favorite and he ripped the ears off of it.

  3. Thanks for the laugh! Nice way to start my day.

  4. If I may, that porcupine was his absolute favorite, apparently, until he discovered a new fleece bear. Now that he’s home at my house, he’s back to his disgusting, chewed up old toys as favorites. The Podengo is nothing if not fickle.

    • Nada

      Favorites come and favorites go with him. He has always loved the flat dirty stuffless squirrel. It has a unknown quality to it that he must attack.

  5. AZ

    Hello, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Stuffed Animals? I’d like to report a pequeno Podengo rippin’ on a defenseless stuffed animal. Yeah, I’ll hold…

  6. Oh boy AZ! You will be on the phone a while. This particular Pequeno Podengo is one of the most heinous violators of stuffed animal rights I have ever seen! Nobody escapes unscathed…Nobody.

  7. I see you got YouTube to change the first freeze frame to the crazy eyes again. Good work although I’m afraid it’s not going to do a thing for his reputation as a vicious killer of stuffed animals — etc.

    • Nada

      I love the Crazy Eye shot being the first frame. I always forget you can set the first frame on YouTube. Thanks for reminding me.

  8. I never get tired of watching that video. Even with the star of the film storing his tiny triangular head off under the covers next to me, I still get a kick out of this video where he kills the porcupine — which incidentally he hasn’t gone near in days. He’s back to re-killing that scrap of stuffingless squirrel you gave him over and over all day long.

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