Dodgers Bankruptcy – WTF?

Video and report here off the Dodgers official website. I’m not a huge Dodgers’ fan. I am and will be an Oakland A’s fan until I succumb to the pressure from the San Francisco Giants. They may be on such a roll, I cannot resist the lure. Besides, I get crazy with disgust when the powers that be talk about moving the Oakland A’s out of Oakland and into Fremont. Fremont? Come on. Not the end of the BART line. Please. It’s the end of the earth, but with great Indian food.

In the video, the reporters are interviewing Dodgers’ manager, Don Mattingly. He has no idea the rubes in the front office have declared chapter 11. Hesus Miramba. Wouldn’t you tell Mattingly at least the day before because any 7 year-old knows reporters will come looking for Mattingly to ask him how the poor financial situation is going to affect the team’s performance. The club is not going to meet payroll. Mattingly says, “From our standpoint, …just try to get ready to play and play…that will work itself out.” Yeah, okay, other than I don’t know what is going to happen if you don’t pay some of those ball players. I kind of suspect they won’t “play and play.”

There’s this disturbing revelation in the article also. “Divorce court documents have revealed that the McCourts took more than $100 million of Dodgers funds for personal use.” Just when you think you’ve read the last of the McCourts and their messy divorce. Nope. They have raped the baby.

And there’s this…”Selig (baseball commissioner) appointed former Texas Rangers president Tom Schieffer to monitor the team’s business operations on April 25 because of ‘deep concerns regarding the finances and operations of the Dodgers’ and further ordered an investigation into the club’s finances and related entities.” Bud Selig rejected a billion dollar deal between FOX network and the Dodgers franchise. Now, I only keep up with this stuff in a half assed manner, as a baseball aficionado, or more a stadium hotdog aficionado. But it seems to me, that a whole lot more game playing is going on than on the field. I could be wrong, but then again, maybe not. The only other major league baseball team I can think of that declared bankruptcy was the Texas Rangers.

Is Selig thinking bankruptcy is a good option for Dodgers? Is he bringing in a pinch hitter from the Texas Rangers, who knows about major league bankruptcy, to wrestle the Dodgers away from those crazy McCourts, so TMZ will stop reporting on them?



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2 responses to “Dodgers Bankruptcy – WTF?

  1. I’ve read a little about it, but being an A’s fan, not a lot. Why would Selig not want them to get the Fox deal. It would solve money issues at least until the decision in Aug on who gets what. He probably knows something that the average man or woman have no access to. Or does he?

  2. Nada

    I agree with you on Selig knowing something, and not sharing. I think some of it has to do with that messy McCourt divorce, but some of it Selig must know and is not sharing. I can’t understand turning down the FOX deal either. Game playing. I think by turning the FOX deal down, he knew the team would go into bankruptcy but why do that? The only reason I can think of is to get the ownership away from the McCourts.

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