4 Months Into It

For some reason, the neighbors decided to talk to me this week. They’ve seen me every day for 4 months, and not said a word, so why they would all decide this week to chat me up, I have no clue. I did buy some shampoo for gray hair. I wonder if that is having some unusual effect. In all the chatter from everyone, I found out one of the neighbors bought his house from his family’s estate in 2010 for $350,000. Another is the one feeding the pigeons behind the Caltrans sheds. Another was helping clean out this old lady’s house three doors down. They were stripping everything. The neighbor said several things to me, but I couldn’t make out if the old lady died in the home or in a convalescent home. At any rate, they removed the carpet. I had a vision of her croaking in the home on the carpet.

And then, there’s our next door neighbor, who’s not talking to me at all. He breeds miniature dachshunds, nuisance barking pros. The Big Guy and I have had several conversations with that neighbor about curbing his pack’s barking. Finally, in my Southern mannered delicacy, I now go out the back door and scream, “Shut up,” when they carry on too long and by too long I mean over 15 minutes yapping beneath my bedroom window. The “Shut Up” tactic seems to have more effect than being neighborly and trying to convince the next door neighbor his 6 dogs are giving me migraines.

Up until this week, I figured the neighbors weren’t talking to me because I was having a tif with my next door neighbor about his damn dogs. I figured they’d all been in this neighborhood together, and I was the outsider trying to get some peace and quiet. As it turns out, I was wrong. Someone called codes on my next door neighbor’s derelict boat. It wasn’t me. Someone may have played me though, knowing that the dog barking neighbor would think it was me. Who knows? Anyway, the neighbor spent the day de-derelicting his boat. I spent the day roaming the neighborhood, talking to people because everyone had something to say to me.



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9 responses to “4 Months Into It

    • Nada

      I suppose so, but why 4 months. I was talking to bakingnotwriting, and she said that her Mom said it always takes 4 months. Weird.

      • You could live next to someone in Germany for thirty years and never know their first name. Not unfriendly, just the way it is.

      • Nada

        I bet if I lived next to them, I would know them. I don’t know how it happens, and maybe it’s because I’m a blabber mouth, but either I talk to them or they talk to me. Then, they keep talking to me. I think the Southern accent is a bit of anomaly, plus I can really mispronounce words. I think people talk to me sometimes just as comedic relief.

  1. AZ

    Neighbors you can’t chop them up for bait so I guess you might as well chat them up. Sorry to hear about the miniature dachshunds, our neighbor in Shooter’s World had several, and boy do they bark.

  2. Maybe the dachshunds called codes on the boat? They felt it was obstructing the range of their barking — or they thought the wolf had taken up residence in it.

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