Pork Butt

The Big Guy has been talking about cooking a pork butt for the 4th of July. He’s been talking about it for days. Pork butt this. Pork butt that. Pork Butt be running for president in 2012. I’m beginning to think pork butt is Big Guy crack. And then, last night he puts a 2 liter bottle of Coca Cola in our grocery cart. Neither one of us drink Coke.

The conversation went like this:
Me: You drinking that? (Pointing at the 2 liter bottle of Coke)
Big Guy: No.
Me: Then put it back because I’m not drinking it.
Big Guy: It’s for the pork butt.
Me: The pork butt is drinking it?
Big Guy: It’s for the recipe.
Me: What recipe?
Big Guy: To cook the pork butt.

More pork butt talk. Pork butt smack, if you will.

So, today we get up semi-early to go on a hike, but when I get up, there is a huge pot of simmering goo on the stove.

Me: What is that? (Pointing at the pot)
Big Guy: Coke. I have to reduce 2 liters to three cups.
I stare a while and then start spanking the pork butt that is sitting on the counter.
Big Guy: What’d ya doin’?
Me: Spanking your pork butt.
Big Guy: Tenderizing?
Me: Sure. Whatever your cook speak is.

And so, here we sit. He is now playing video games and I’m updating my blog. I walked in the living room a minute ago.
Me: I didn’t realize playing video games was a part of cooking, Miss Big Guy.
Big Guy: Yes and no. I have to let the (coke drinking) pork shoulder cook for an hour, and then turn the oven off.
Me: I thought you said this was a pork butt, as in pork butt this and pork butt that. Now, it’s suddenly a shoulder.
Big Guy: Safeway didn’t have a butt, only a shoulder.

And so, that’s how this is ending – with a shoulder and a sunset picture from a couple of days ago. The Big Guy has turned the oven off now, and the pork shoulder will sit in there, drinking Coca Cola, while we go hiking.



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6 responses to “Pork Butt

  1. Loved this post. Pork butt. I don’t believe I have ever eaten a pork butt. It’s probably good, but it needs a new name. How about pork back side or pork what he sits on, or something else.

  2. Nada

    I totally agree with you. How unappetizing is the name “pork butt.” And later in the day, the Big Guy was calling it, “pork ass.” No, I do not want to eat a pork’s ass.

  3. AZ

    Pork ass… food stuff of the masses when in Mexico, or anywhere in the southwest. Of course we call it carnitas because “pork ass” sounds to much like callin’ the spouse.

    • Nada

      LOL!!! Pork Ass….The Buy Guy’s new name. All morning he has been asking me: “Do you want a picture of the pork butt?”
      Me: No. I do not not.
      10 minutes pass
      The Big Guy: Do you want a picture of the pork butt.
      Me: I still do not.

      • AZ

        I want to see a picture of the Pork Ass’es (aka “Buy [sic] Guy’s”) pork butt!

      • Nada

        Will email a pic to you. “Buy Guy” – either bad typing or a Freudian slip, most likely the latter.

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