Power Broker

The most influential power broker in America. The Small Dog. She brokers while chewing her hind toenails.

Some of the news of the day is apparently Al Qaeda is forming a cyber jihad to attack social networking sites, like Facebook. Good luck with that. Facebook is the squirrely-ist site I’ve ever tried to use, and if Al Qaeda thinks they’re going to attack Facebook, they’re wrong. It will attack them, like it does everyone else.

I would have done a blog post this morning but WordPress was down, specifically my blog with a 502, which is a server error. And yes, I did wonder if the Al Qaeda took down my blog because of the numerous pictures (and articles) I’ve posted of America’s most influential power broker (see 1st paragraph)). I decided to check my stat counter, which is a separate piece of software from WordPress, looking for suspicious footprints.

And here, I should mention though I have several “dead” blogs, I have never managed to fully delete them off the internet, nor remove their stat counters. Yesterday, one of the “dead” blogs registered a couple of odd hits. The first is from the Russian Federation, who seem to have dropped by a few times, looked at God knows what and moved on. It appears they have a bit of an anonymizer, so I can’t tell exactly what they were reading. After they dropped by on the 12th, Washington, District of Columbia, Headquarters, Usaisc, came by and looked at a blog entry on the same dead blog where my kitchen sink is stopped up and there’s a black plunger sitting in it.

I find this behavior a bit odd, to say the least. The internet is an open forum and anyone can come and go as they please on blogs, facebook, twitter, etc. but why would anyone – Russians or U.S. government employees want to look at my stopped up sink. It makes me wonder if the cyber jihad is going to come by for a look see. The blog entry does have a picture of a big ass plunger, but as far as I can tell, plungers are not secret weapons, do not carry plutonium, and are readily available at ACE Hardware. Granted, they are black, and do look sinister.



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4 responses to “Power Broker

  1. Your stopped up sink has started the next international conflict? There’s got to be a script in there somewhere…

    • Nada

      The black plunger in my sink caused some sort of weird international internet searches for something, that’s for sure.

  2. I have folks in Russia stop by on ocassion and take a look at the squirrels. Not sure if they are looking for food or fur for a winter coat.

    • Nada

      I’ve had Russians stop by on occasion too, but just never them and then the U.S. military behind them. And on such a dumb post too.

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