I Love You, Little Jimmy Dickens

Little Jimmy Dickens has always been one of my favorite Grand Ole Opry stars, along with Port Wagoner, Minnie Pearl, Conway Twitty, Ernest Tubb, and Marty Robbins. Mr. Dickens is the lone survivor now amongst my crew of favorites, and he’s no spring chicken at 90. Here he is recently at the Opry, announcing the Oak Ridge Boys induction into the Grand Ole Opry.

Yes, he is wearing a fake beard, and sunglass, mimicking William Lee Golden of the Oak Ridge Boys, and as usual Little Jimmy Dickens is hilarious. Also as usual, I was irritated with the Opry. It’s kind of a love/annoyance (not really hate) relationship I have with them. Could they have waited any later to induct the Oak Ridge Boys? Too little too late, Opry.

And the funny part of the Oak Ridge Boys is the best one of the group is William Lee Golden, the one with the out of control beard. The rest of the Oak Ridge Boys voted him out of the group in 1987. He didn’t seem to care and eventually his replacement quit the group in 1995, and William Lee rejoined them like he’d never been gone. I would have told those three Boys who kicked my ass to the curb that they could kiss my grits. William Lee sounds grand by himself, but I guess he liked being one of the Oak Ridge Boys. No one seems to even remember when he got kicked out of the group any more or why, and they don’t mention it on their official website. I guess they are sweeping that backbiting mess under the carpet.

My cousin, Weezer, got to see this particular show live with Little Jimmy Dickens and the Oak Ridge Boys. She was standing backstage. I am so envious. In the last couple of months, she’s gone to see Lady GaGa and U2, but I wouldn’t cross the street for those guys. But Little Jimmy Dickens? I would have booked a flight back there, if I had gotten to stand backstage while he was performing. Have I told you lately that I love you, Little Jimmy Dickens – but then so does everyone else.



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4 responses to “I Love You, Little Jimmy Dickens

  1. Loved the post. Good stuff.

  2. Weezer

    The Oak Ridge BOY in the kinda striped shirt third from the right when they sing…his wife is in the Carol Lee Singers..they have been back up singers for all the performers at the Grand Ole Opry since about 1980….you would have thought that that would have helped to ask the BOYS to be in the Opry….that is why he is kinda crying…the BOYs were all very touched and excited..they said they thought it had passed them by….Way to go Grand Ole Opry!

    • Nada

      WEEZER!!!! Thanks for the update. I wish I could have been there with you. You are always in the right place at the right time….whereas your cousin here is always in the wrong place at the wrong time. HA!

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