Crabby Cashew

He got mad because bakingnotwriting was taking his picture while he was trying to nap. He’s also been on a bark-a-thon lately for no other reason than bakingnotwriting is talking on the phone. If bakingnotwriting is talking to me, I ask her to put me on the speaker phone so I can reason with Crabby Cashew. He listens a minute while I talk, and then, barks me down for insolence – mine, mostly.



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8 responses to “Crabby Cashew

  1. Don’t disturb the dog at nap time.

  2. Nada

    That made me laugh. Kind of like – Don’t tease the animal.

  3. That dog looks crabby! and self-involved Who would put up with that? Oh yeah. Me.

  4. weezer

    I want to know what that animal is that is coming out frorm behind the blanket…now he should be the one a little crabby!…all up under that blanket….

  5. That’s the stuffing-free raccoon that Vista de Nada gave him. It does look pretty uncomfortable up in there.

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