Take Out

This seagull had a restaurant take out box he was walking around with at the Civic Center Plaza. He had it in his beak, strutting around with his chest puffed out, like “I got me some take out. It’s good too – part of a falafel, or maybe nacho remnants.” He was so proud of his styrofoam box, some other seagulls starting following him like the pied piper.

In other news, unrelated to seagull take out, my GP sent me for an EKG. Of course, my heart acted perfectly normal during the EKG. My GP thinks the heart problems were the result of anxiety from the week long migraine. Anxiety. I don’t know what to make of that. You can have anxiety even if you don’t know it? How does that work? My body just does whatever and then, I have to pick up the pieces, something like this:

Me: Oh Body, your room is a disaster area. Can you come and pick this mess up?
Body: (no answer)
Me: Body, I know you hear me.
Body: F U

And so, I waste a bunch of time picking up after my own body and then, my GP tells me something akin to I’m a bad parent. He does it in a nice way, but essentially I can’t control my own body. It’s running amok, driving the family car up to the mini-mart late at night, buying booze, and drinking it while driving and texting. I don’t know how to stop my body from its aberrant behavior. I have tried. I need an intervention with my own body.



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6 responses to “Take Out

  1. That bird has class.

  2. Nada

    It was very funny. I wish I had gotten a picture of him with the container in his beak. He was so proud of it.

  3. AZ

    This is the second mention of “anxiety” I’ve heard lately, the first time I heard it I thought “THAT’S WHAT I HAVE!” I’ve lost my “words” because of “anxiety.” Then I was faced with “what the hell is anxiety?” Do I feel anxious? No. Do I feel depressed? Sorta, but if I feel depressed then I suffer from “depression” not “anxiety.” Hummmm, maybe I need to find a “to go” box, maybe it will make me happy just like the seagull. 🙂

    • Nada

      After you wrote this, I looked up anxiety on the internet, and depression. Seems like you can have anxiety and not know it. I don’t know how they distinguish it from OCD either. I know I have a bit of that. A diagnosis of anxiety makes me anxious. Seems like you can give yourself anxiety by being anxious. Seems like I just need a drink…or a walk along the beach.

  4. B.T.

    I hear you and wonder if we can get a group rate for a body intervention work shop?

    • Nada

      LOL! I wish we could. If you see anyone doing a body intervention workshop let me know. I went back to class today. They said you’ll be back in 2 weeks. GOOD! I was afraid you had deserted us.

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