Pacifica Fog Bank

I wish I could make a monetary withdrawal from the Pacifica fog bank, because I would do it every day, and then, I would be loaded. I would go to Ross Dress for Mess in the Linda Mar, and buy some gold Le Mais clothing that looks hoor-ish.

The weather here in the Linda Mar is as you see it in this photo. Sunny with the fog bank on the horizon. High in the 70’s. Read that and weep the rest of the country. HA! Yes, I am wearing a sweater today, with my sandals. No, I did not don shorts yet, and there are various reasons for that, the primary one being my legs are so white I do not want to blind the tourists or the seagulls.

A few words of advice about seagulls: Do not walk beneath them. They poo as much as a horse, and if blinded by your white legs they will hit you square on the top of your head, hair, shoulders, etc. Or perhaps that is what they are aiming for. I do not know. I avoid their under carriages as best I can.



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8 responses to “Pacifica Fog Bank

  1. Only good thing about geese? They poop before they take off, to save weight. You will never be bombed from above by a goose. If that’s any consolation.

  2. Reminds me of the movie and the remake,”The Fog”. Except it rolled in at night.

  3. AZ

    We have the same thing in Arizona, but it’s a huge bank of dirt!

  4. Connie

    Love the photo! I envy your weather….it’s been in the 90’s for weeks and weeks, tons of rain, and the humidity is horrible. It is like a steam bath outside during the time that the sun is out! But, I shouldn’t be complaining because when winter gets here it will be nice!

    • Nada

      It seems like most of the nation is suffering under the heat wave. At least, in the winter your weather will get decent. The rest of the guys will get snow. Our weather seems to hover around 70 degrees. I saw the firewood truck this week in the bus parking lot. I think he does a brisk business during the summer. People burn the wood at night.

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