We grew this in the yard. It’s a biggie, and pretty tasty. I know. I sampled it. We cut it last night, and cooked it. We’re going to have it with some ravioli, we bought yesterday at the Half Moon Bay Farmer’s Market.



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15 responses to “Artichoke

  1. I thought they were green. Is this a different variety or just a full grown one?

    • Nada

      I wrote a reply to this and it didn’t post. That’s just weird. I do that all the time on your blog. Glad AZ answered. Thx az

  2. AZ

    Yeah Steve, they’re green until you cook them then then turn sorta OD green/grey, lemon juice is supposed to keep them greener, but I’ve tried rubbing them with lemon juice before I cook them and it doesn’t work. Having said all that, I’ll have to admit I had two artichokes are week or so ago because they were on sale for 99¢ each at Sprouts. I love artichokes, with butta.

  3. Are you saying you drove to Half Moon Bay on a Saturday on that one lane road? Wasn’t it crowded?

    • Nada

      We did go to Half Moon Bay but the one lane doesn’t start until tomorrow. Apparently the tunnel shifted and now they are delaying the opening a whole year. WHINE!!!

  4. Oh no duh, I just remembered you said the market was on Weds…

  5. Got your letter and remembered I had one in the veggie bin. Have the remains right here, right now. When you’re finished with the leaves, you cut it up and eat the heart, don’t you?

  6. I eat the heart. It’s the most delicious part! Watch out for the thistles around it though.

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