Hens & Chickens

The Hens and Chickens in front of the house put out this odd congregation of little flowers, with their heads bowed as if they are praying. Even though the forecast says only 10% chance of rain here, it’s raining. At first, I thought it was just a really dense fog, but when the pavement is wet and water is running down the gutter, I think it needs to be called rain.



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10 responses to “Hens & Chickens

  1. Nice photo. They look really good.

  2. AZ

    Hens and chicks don’t grow fo me, I can get a hen, but the chicks never show up before the hen keels over and dies. I’m at a friend’s house, our A/C died yesterday, I can’t take heat so I’m hiding out here. The keyboard is not working for me, it keeps leaving out letters. Like this: How now brown cow, ittle Bo Peep has loster sheep, hey diddle diddle te cow jumped verthemoon. Se it’s drivig me uts!

  3. AZ

    I spent most of my time cleaning her house, I did her kitchen, stove, inside the fridge, both bathrooms, laundry room, master bedroom, guest bedroom, cleaned her doors and switch plates, cleaned her leather couches, vacuumed her fabric furniture, cleaned window sills, the computer desk and the keyboard. I hate being bored. πŸ™‚

  4. AZ, please come visit me. You’re welcome any time!

    Maiz, your chicks are gorgeous. I love my sedum, too. All spring and summer it has a perfectly round shape like green domes in my garden. By the end of summer, it has grown too tall and spread out and flopped over. I’m wondering if it should be pinched back from time to time. Also wondering how the hell to get my website off my “signature” when I am here. I thought I had that thing locked down tight.

    • Nada

      I second that motion on an AZ visit.

      I wish I could claim those hens and chickens but their the landlords. He has some awesome plants here.

      I also wish I knew what the signature was on your website. Ain’t got no idea-r, as they say in the South.

  5. AZ

    Geez, I get invited to lots of peoples’ houses, I wonder why… πŸ™‚

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