Russian Sailing Ship

This Russian sailing ship paid a visit to San Francisco this past week. More here. They offered tours of the vessel while it was docked at pier 27, so I wandered around on board a bit. The boat looked like it could have stepped out of time machine, simple construction, very sleek, but very old fashioned. One of the sailors was selling off some of his medals for $2. They were the old style with the hammer and sickle. I bought one and attached it to the zipper on my jacket, only to be corrected a few minutes later, by another Russian, because I had it upside down. He said it meant “El Diablo” upside down. I guess he thought I spoke Spanish. The vessel pulled out of port at 6pm on Tuesday, and we went back to Chrissy Fields to watch the magnificent boat leave under the Golden Gate. Unfortunately, by the time it left, the whole bridge was occluded by fog. I’m assuming they left. I couldn’t see them.

In other news (that’s not really news), the raccoon figured out how to release the bungee cord that was securing the lid to the garbage can. It looks like he just undid it, much like I would have, and helped himself. He liked the radish peelings, and fiddled around with a lot of the tea bags. He piled the dog poop bags next to the fence like he did before. He unzipped a Ziploc bag and ate something in there. I obviously underestimated his dexterity. I don’t know quite what to do with him now. I tightened up the bungee cord but I feel like a bit of an idiot because he will probably just untighten it, and help himself.



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6 responses to “Russian Sailing Ship

  1. Neat ship. Nice that you got to stroll around and pick up a token of their visit.

    Those raccoons are crafty creatures.

  2. AZ

    I have a hard time threading a sewing machine, I think all that rigging on the ship is beyond me. Mental note: When you die, DO NOT reincarnate as a Russian sailor!

    Raccoon and Vista are on the same playing field when it comes to trash can security. Resolution: Trade down for a dumber raccoon.

    • Nada

      In that little time I was onboard the ship, I started getting seasick too and it was docked! No way am I coming back as a sailor.

      I think the raccoon is actually smarter than me. He had sorted the garbage again too which I would have found highly entertaining if I wasn’t so mad about the giant mess he had made.

      • AZ

        I Googled for ways to keep raccoons out of garbage containers, and they even said if you keep your wheelie bin in the garage make sure the garage is secure because raccoons have been known to enter garages for a good wheelie bin raid, so that tells me the little masked bandits are smart, and those little hands can do exactly what ours can do.

        As for seasick, I did the same thing when we took the harbor cruise in SF Bay, I was fine on the open water in a moving boat, but once I got to the gift shop boat that was docked it took about 15 minutes for me to get seasick, I think looking at stuff while the boat is just slightly bobbing up and down does it for me.

      • Nada

        I have the bungee cord strapped tightly on the garbage can now. The raccoon dislodged it last night, but was unable to get it open. HA! At least I won round 2 or is it 4.

        I know what you mean about those vessels. I used to go to Alcatraz once a week on the ferry as a volunteer gardener. Even in the dead of winter I had to sit up top in the open air, sometimes freezing my arse off. The worse was one day when the sea was really bad and we were actually over at Alcatraz and they were having problems docking because of the rolling ocean. Gag. I can still make myself a little seasick thinking about it. Nothing helped me then. I just barely got off the boat. No gardening for me that day. I was green. I sat around near the dock until I de-greened.

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