Walk the Walk

This crow was following me around at Fort Funston, and he was following me pretty close, not a 100 yards behind me or even 50. He was right on my butt, so much so I felt like someone was watching me, which is pretty weird, considering the Fort is over run with people, dogs, and hang gliders. I turned around, and there he was, walking behind me as if he was mocking me. I asked him what he wanted but then he looked the other way. I tried to loose him, but he just sped up. Finally, when I approached the hang gliders, he acted like there something fascinating at the foot of the garbage can. Just as well. I didn’t want anyone to say, “Hey there’s a raven on your tail.”



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12 responses to “Walk the Walk

  1. He’s a handsome bird at any rate!

  2. B.T.

    Welcome to Fort Funston, that crow is the Security Officer for the Fort. He will watch you long and hard. If you have any crumbs to throw, he alerts the rest of the murder and you will suddenly be surrounded by dozens. I have many crow friends. They know my car, and will not to poop on it. They even know my dogs and play chase with them. I do throw treats, but not too often. Keeps them guessing!
    I returned to class on Thursday, missed seeing you. BT

  3. Nada

    I heard you came back to class. Serena told me and told me about your story. I wish I had heard it. Sounds funny and wonderful.

  4. It must be a good omen to have a crow follow you.

  5. AZ

    I watched a show on our local educational channel, and they went into great detail how crows remember people’s faces, if they find a face threatening they will tell the rest of the murder about you so they can keep an eye on you as you move around. They also find faces in the crowd that they find pleasing, and they will follow that person too, I’m bettin’ all my moolaa that you and a “kind” faced person and they are following you to get to know your routine just in case they think they can get a handout of some free goodies.

  6. I saw that thing about crows on TV, too. Well, I didn’t actually see it, but I heard it from another room. They were talking about crow funerals. They’re incredibly intelligent birds. That one obviously knew a soft heart when he saw it.

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