Long Dog vs Long Time

Here is the long dog from Bakingnotwriting‘s house. The dog is really long, so long his head is out the front door while his tail wags in the kitchen. He is so long that one time he was going through the toll booth on the bay bridge and the toll taker tried to get 2 fares. He is so long that he took up 2 spaces at the RV park when he went on vacation. He is so long that he can eat dog food in the den and his back end can be pooping in the yard. These are like “your mama is so fat” jokes. Please contribute your own in the comments. Much appreciated.

Yes, I have been on hiatus, and for a very long time. I would tell you what I have been doing but boooooooooring. Suffice it to say, class is kicking my ass, but not enough that I don’t need to still go on a diet because I have a physical at the end of the month, and the last thing my GP told me was, “LOSE SOME WEIGHT.” I would BUT (and there is always a “but”) my cousin sent me cake from Williams Sonoma. I am eating it because it is the best cake in the world. BEST. CAKE. CAKE. CAKE.

Let them eat cake.” Whoever said that was referring to me.



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8 responses to “Long Dog vs Long Time

  1. I think this photo is only funny if you know to begin with that it’s two dogs. But what do I know?

  2. AZ

    Podengo dog is so long that one day he ate a sock and by the time he pooped it out it was a leg warmer. Sorry, that’s all I got. 🙂

  3. Nada

    THAT IS JUST HILARIOUS!!!! Much better than mine.

  4. He’s so long that after he came through the door, his butt come draging in five minutes later.

    • Nada

      I laughed out loud. I LOVE these “he’s so long jokes.” If anyone can think of any more PLEASE put them in the comments.

  5. The dog is so long, you have to embiggen a foto of him to see how long.

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